Schizophrenia by TV

    The fact of CPW's co-operation in order to influence many people simultaneously is of special importance. Such co-operation provides the possibility of mass hallucinations, like the one produced by the Indian fakir on a London stadium, as well as of the becoming more popular every year psychics' TV-seances. For instance, in the early 1990s Russia thousands of people felt on their own back the grave consequences of Kashpirovsky's experiments performed on live people with the help of TV (or more correctly, with the help of numberless CPW obediently executing orders of his closest ally and their domineering boss). A great amount of televiewers throughout the former Soviet Union experienced involuntary movements of their hands and bodies (a kind of motor automatism constituting a usual symptom of malignant schizophrenia). For many of them it became the beginning of grave schizophrenia-like processes that were soon to bring them to mental hospitals.
    It is one more evidence for the profound kinship between mental disorders and CPW's influence. Certainly, the high susceptibility of the former Soviet Union population to the most flagrant, pressing, form of CPW influence is a very typical consequence of the seventy-five-year-old "triumphant parade of the scientific atheism".
    CPW unite their efforts when they need to effect emotions and behaviour of great multitudes of people, trying to cause crowds perform their will. Mass suicides are undoubtedly their work. Thus, on November 18, 1978 nine hundred and eleven members of the sect "The People's Temple" killed themselves in Johnstown (Guyana) and on March 27, 1997 forty adherents of the sect "The Gates of Paradise" followed them in California.
    A similar mass indoctrination help CPW to maintain "active revolutionary consciousness" in millions of people, producing wars and revolutions and so changing the mental state of the whole nations that they become mad from hatred and really inhumane (and inhuman) callousness to their neighbours.
    This explains why revolutionary powers are usually filled with hatred towards the Church. All CPW's contrivances are efficient only on those who are deprived of the protecting grace of God. But the grace, i.e. the uncreated energies of the Holy Spirit that protect human will, mind and emotions from the CPW's murderous influence, enters the human nature through the sacraments of the Holy Orthodox Church. So to eliminate or, at least, calumniate the Church turns out CPW's first task if they want to gain ascendancy over the public opinion. If they cannot eliminate the very idea of God by atheistic propaganda, they will not stop seeking ways to cut people off the Church that has the power to unite a man with Christ. They will never cease their attempts to substitute the true Christ's teaching kept in the Church by any other religious teachings, for as soon as a man or a whole nation is stripped off the Christ's grace as a result of apostasy, the human will and mind are easily led by them up the path far not that humane as they proclaim through their advocates.

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