Mediums for an hour

    I have mentioned above the strange occurrences happening in the UFO landing zones and inside the so-called "witches' circles" (one may add the similar phenomena regularly registered in the Bermudan region or in the Perm environs) when certain unknown energies influence material subjects of different kinds (from things and plants to animals and people).
    Strange intrusions of the unknown forces into this material world may happen not only in some particular places but practically everywhere, with only one indispensable condition: the presence of somebody open for a contact with the alien "energies" as stripped off the God's protecting grace. Such things as changing the speed of clocks and watches, deformation or breaking spoons and screwdrivers and shifting the mercury in a thermometer are indeed child's play for the creatures of parallel world who play tricks much queerer in the above mentioned zones bewildering the most sceptically minded men of science. In fact no psychokinetic phenomena really pertain to human psychic abilities being merely manifestations of CPW's direct influencing the matter in the presence of a medium.
    The fact that material things were influenced not only in the direct presence of the medium, but even in the houses of BBC-listerners, along with the results of the Cambridge microscope examination of the place of rupture in the broken screwdrivers deserve a special analysis.
    The first evidently points at CPW's close communication among themselves. The strange power that unexpectedly deformed spoons and forks in many London houses during Geller's BBC interview is nothing but the subordinate creatures of parallel world acting in obedience with the telepathic order of their chief - Geller's ally - having most probably a rather high rank in their hierarchy. The less protected of Geller's televiewers became in this situation "mediums for an hour". That the parallel superfine world has quite a complicated structure with its own hierarchy we know from the Holy Scripture. Many ascetics of the Holy Orthodox Church (e.g. saint monastics Anthony the Great and Macarios of Egypt, saint martyrs Cyprianus and Justinia, to name only a few) had the same experience in their life-long struggle against the demonic world. They witnessed the demonic host's division into different ranks where the higher give orders and the lower run errands for them (see Archbishop Macarios. "The Orthodox Dogmatic Theology". Vol. I, p. 376-413; and The Menology. October. Moscow, 1993 (reprint), p. 38-46).

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