"Nothing will prevent me from serving their aims..."

    This perspective enables us to give their real meaning to many parapsychological effects. For instance, the exact information about the sum lost by his mother was very likely to be brought into the mind of little Uri by his permanent guide-CPW who had chosen the boy for a direct contact (Geller later explained in an interview that the information usually appears before his inner sight as if on a screen - a method so cherished by CPW). This Uri's "curator" could, in its turn, have received the information from one of his "colleagues" that was keeping under his punctilious control the boy's spendthrift mother.
    In the book "My Story" U. Geller describes how he receives telepathic suggestions: "such reports splash in my mind only for a tiniest fraction of a second. But I am perfectly sure it is not my imagination; not in the least. The thing is that what I see at such moments has no connection at all with my thoughts and moods".
    So, the medium does not apply any efforts to getting the information, nor can he be sure whether he is going to get it at all. U.Geller's book contains many proofs for this. For instance this is how he describes his appearance in the popular BBC TV program in November 1973, when he had to demonstrate his telepathic gifts in the presence of the prominent mathematician John Taylor, professor of the London University King's College, and the known biologist Dr L. Watson, the author of the book "The Supernatural":
    "Before the telecast started the showman and all present went to the adjacent room to put a specially prepared picture into an envelope and carefully seal it up. I was to guess what was there in the picture <...> I was very much afraid that something would get wrong before the eyes of the audience of many thousands. (A medium can never be absolutely sure CPW would care to do what he wishes. - Heg. N). The presence of such a doubter as John Taylor was also making me anxious for I knew he would look sceptically at anything supernatural even if he witnessed it himself.
    When the time came I focused my attention on the sealed up envelope, waiting with my eyes shut for the picture to appear on my mind's screen that usually arises before my eyes as soon as I close them. Some minutes passed and I saw an outline of a sailer. The envelope was torn open. There was indeed a picture of a sailer. Everybody were amazed...
    But that was not all. The BBC telephone service was attacked by incessant calls. Fourteen TV viewers reported their seeing a sailer with their mind's eye while the picture was still in the envelope"
    This is really interesting. So, the creatures of parallel world transmitted the visual image not only to Geller but, through their "colleagues", also to those spectators who were ready to receive their "care" (as naked of the protecting grace).
    Likewise did the medium "forecast" the figures picked by A.Pucharich. When he wrote down the figures on a sheet of paper his "ally" suggested them telepathically to Pucharich who obediently wrote these very figures on his piece of paper as the ones that had most "arbitrary" appeared in his mind. On comparing the figures both participants of the experiment came to a rather funny conclusion that one of them thought exactly what another suggested to him: the freedom and arbitrariness of Phucharich's choice proved quite illusive.
    Telepathic suggestions as such are realised with the help of the creatures of parallel world. Certain conditions provided, they can penetrate more closely into the medium's body as if "endowing" him with their telepathic abilities. This makes rather a prestigious face to such cheated cheats who usually "stand proxy" for CPW among people. U. Geller himself owns up his being their "active agent":
    "I quite approve of the sensation around my name. It helps lots of people to come to know of the supernatural powers' existence. And I am sure there will be time when the mankind will have to believe in them and accept them". This very acceptance is the most necessary presupposition for CPW to gain ascendancy over the human race, to gain the power to dictate men their thoughts and conduct. U. Geller continues a bit further: "As long as I am able to demonstrate these supernatural energies to people, as long as I have them in me, nothing will prevent me from serving their aims, despite all controversies they cause". Now we know for sure whose aims all Geller's activity - both as a variety performer and lecturer - serves.
    Pucharich's failure to notice the foreign origin of his "arbitrary" thought is rather typical of the mind not protected by prayer (inner prayer gradually gives it the freedom to discern): CPW bring their information "home" very carefully, so that their thoughts and desires are easily taken by a man for his own.
    It may be interesting to note here that the very popular nowadays idea of reincarnation most probably has come from the same cradle. To maintain it the creatures of parallel world introduce into the mind of somebody open for their suggestions astonishing facts of some people dead long ago, tanks for the fact they possess really great informational data. They effect such deep layers of mind that their information comes to the fore all of a sudden: either as a faint "reminiscence" of the past, or in a hypnotic trance, in which case CPW may influence the brain directly, making organs of speech pronounce (independently of the consciousness) the telepathically translated data of a dead person.

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