Playing the role of a wireless set

    The "non-molecular component" having so poisonous an effect on "the molecular-biological objects" (human beings included) is nothing but the rational creatures inhabiting, or more strictly speaking, constituting a world parallel to our space and time. Viewing the problem in such perspective and knowing quite well "what (better to say "who") is hidden behind these powers and energies" (V. Yashin) we can analyse the Geller phenomenon to see that all his talents (which we have conventionally divided into four groups) are very much likely to be after-effects of his very early CPW-initiated mediumistic experience.
    Judging by U. Geller's autobiographical book "My Story" a definitely felt contact of the three-year-old boy with the "non-molecular component" started in a similar way as it did in the case of the "Reiki" founder Mikao Usui, when a certain "non-molecular entity" entered his body as a beam of light on the mount Fudziyama (see above). It was accompanied by the same painful sensation in the so-called "third-eye". But let's listen to Uri himself:
    "The day was waning though it was not dusk yet. I was all alone, playing in the Arab garden not far from our Tel-Aviv house... Suddenly my ears were deafened by an unusually shrill ringing louder than anything I could ever imagine. I felt queer. Time seemed to stop, even the trees around stood perfectly still, as if unreal. I don't know what made me look up. The sky was all lit with intense silvery light... This unearthly light began slipping slowly down concentrating on me. Finally it was tightly muffling me up. Then I remember being knocked down by a sudden blow. Lying on my back I felt a terrible pain in my forehead and collapsed. I cannot say how much time had passed before I came to myself, but the moment I opened my eyes I immediately ran home to tell everything to mother... I felt that something extraordinarily important had happened to me".
    Indeed, that day proved one of the most important in Uri's life. Wondering over the cause of such unpardonable intrusion of CPW into the child's body let us bear in mind that such things are not possible for the creatures of parallel world unless the protecting grace of God abandons a person.
    The Holy Orthodox teaching insists that the Creator cares for all people without exception, good and evil, righteous and unrighteous, though those who are closer to Him as belonging to the Christ's sacramental Body which is Church, may live under His special care (see Archbishop Macarios, "The Orthodox Dogmatic Teaching". Reprint 1993, vol. I, p. 585-588). That is why CPW are not able to intrude into the life of any person they wish. God is the Creator and Father of all mankind, so each person is endowed with His protecting and enlightening grace, as said in the writings of the 1672 Jerusalem Council known as the Oriental Patriarchs' Epistle (chapter 3). Saint Maximos the Confessor expresses it as follows: "The Holy Spirit is present in every human being without exception as the guard of all things and the life-giving power of all natural forces, but He makes Himself manifest especially in those who accept His law, pointing out the transgressions against His commandments and bearing witness of the Person of Christ" (cited in V.N. Lossky, "Essai sur la theologie mystique de l'Eglise d'Orient", Moscow, 1991, p. 192). Or in another wording: "God's grace reaches all people, not only those chosen for the bliss and righteousness" (M.A.L. "Textbook for the Orthodox Christian Dogmatic Teaching Study". Moscow, 1898, p. 204-206).
    In the holy sacrament of baptism a Christian is purified of all sins (both personal and the original), and the sacrament of the holy chrism grants him the special gift of the Holy Spirit that enables him to live a renewed life in Christ, if he wishes. But the grace can leave him if he voluntarily indulges in sins, "for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? ... And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God..." (2 Kor. 6, 14-16). Yet even in such cases the devil cannot do what he wishes, but only what God permits him.
    Why then we see a three-year-old child deprived of the protecting God's grace at least in the "minimum" measure normal to all people? There is no universal answers good for all cases, but the parents' or even the whole family's sins are usually believed the most common reason for such "injustice" (see Ex. 20,5; Jerem. 32,18).
    U. Geller's memoirs allows one to think that his father's dissolute life deprived the child of the protecting grace leaving him open for the non-molecular component's intrusion. The day when a non-molecular creature took up its residence in Uri's body was the starting point of the Geller's phenomenon which we view as a vivid example of the CPW's quasi-charismatic tactics.
    A known American physicist of Serbian origin professor Andria Pucharich was the first to make Uri's direct contact with a certain non-molecular creature manifest. U. Geller's book tells us of the scientific experiment held on December 1, 1971, in the course of which A. Pucharich brought him to a hypnotic sleep and, together with Itskhak Ben-Tov, who had accompanied him on his trip from America, asked Uri questions, recording the answers on a tape, three other witnesses present.
    "Having listen to the recording I was shocked to hear what was said to be my voice - confesses the illusionist, - for I refused to recognise it. (It was not his, indeed. - Heg. N) <...> It was saying:
    - I've come here to learn and here am I sitting in the darkness with this Joker. I'm learning and learning but I don't yet know my teachers.
    Andria's voice asks:
    - What are the things you are learning?
    - This is somehow connected with the living beings from space. But it is not time for me to talk of it yet.
    Andria's voice:
    - Is it a secret?
    - Yes. But one day you will come to know everything <...>
    "My" voice indulged in recollections of childhood... The tape approached the point when I am three. The voice started that story in the Arab garden when the silver light stroke me and made me faint. Listening to it I felt a tremendous tension. The timbre of the voice on the tape became more and more strange: eerie, depressing. It was making me feel oppressed with indescribable horror <...> Those present in the room told me that it was just as I spoke during the experiment: in this perfectly level, mechanical, computer-like voice. It was insisting the silver light was that very force that entered me in the Arab garden"
    The fact that the eerie voice that sounded from the mesmerised medium and was recorded by Pucharich did not really belong to Geller is clear from the following story, reported by him:
    "A couple of days later I heard a telephone call. Taking up the receiver I heard that depressing voice from the tape (that was believed to be his own not long ago, wasn't it? - Heg. N). It ordered me to take my camera and go to a certain place in Tel-Aviv. It informed me that there I would be able to make good pictures of the spacecraft "Spectra". I went with my friends to the indicated place (on the Peta-Tikva road) without delay and stood waiting. In several minutes we saw an oval object in the sky, straight over the Israeli army headquarters. I was lucky to make its very distinct picture in presence of several eye-witnesses".
    Further Geller describes a direct contact with a certain dark shapeless creature putting into his hand a fountain pen that had disappeared some days before during the experiment. That made Geller himself believe that things like teleportation are accomplished not by him but by some rational being from parallel world.
    "This brought it home to me, - he writes, - that all those powers and energies whatsoever, emanate not from me but through me from some higher mind <...>
    If I am allowed to make such a simile, we are playing the role of wireless sets adjusted to a certain frequency. The main thing here is your readiness to believe. It works as an ignition key in a car: opens up all energy inputs and outputs in our body. Having seen something beyond usual human mediocrity or heard of some dazzling abilities we should take interest and, what is more, believe. It is this very readiness to believe that is able to create a direct canal connecting us with the cosmos. Few are they who advance that far. It may sound immodest, but I never cease to be ready for what you call a contact with cosmos. I don't know why. It must be because of this, that I'm able to communicate my energy to others. That is why, when I appear on television or deliver a lecture, I view it first of all as an opportunity to be a connecting link between these energies and other people, a good occasion to help people to open up for the forces and energies that are outside us"
    This last point sounds as a frank declaration of one of the CPW's main goals: bringing masses to establishing a direct contact with "the forces and energies that are outside us", for which the prosperous illusionist serves a most diligent agent. Judging by what he says and writes, these rational "forces and energies" are intelligent enough not to reveal their real intentions to him, carefully keeping him unaware of their real misanthropic moods. They just want his propaganda and popularisation talents to work in their favour.

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