The true makers of the false miracles

    Many scientists who can hardly be suspected in obscurantism (focusing their investigation on the physical phenomena, as V.G. Azhazha, Luciano Baccone, academician Kaznacheev, or on the paranormal abilities and the UFO encounters, as academician V. Veinik, prof. M. Varlamov, Jean Valle, B. Stager, J. Kille and many others) have come to the same conclusion on the parallel superfine world existence. It is in its essence a different non-material form of rational beings, whose abilities are principally different from those of any human being.
    Their radioactive, thermal, electromagnetic, anti-gravitational, geo- and biochemical, psychophysical effect on people and the environment, along with the queer conglomerations known as the UFO, are being registered all over the world on annually increasing scales. The whole spectrum of paranormal phenomena, observed in contacts with the UFO or humanoids, as well as in the so-called poltergeist effect, are due to such influence. Among these have been registered:

  • collapse of the magnetic field and switching off the current in the high-voltage lines and aircraft and automobiles electrical equipment;
  • information defacement in magnetic sound tracks and computer memory units;
  • appearing of images on unpacked photographic films;
  • inhibiting or increasing watch hands going;
  • aircraft and buildings arsons with a high-power beam of heat radiation;
  • "spontaneous" appearing of information (inscriptions or pictures) on paper, walls, computer and radar installation screens;
  • lifting into the air and transporting people and things with no visible vehicle;
  • teleportation (moving into another place in a strikingly short time) of people and things for great distances;
  • causing damage to equipment, furniture, etc.
  • changing of chemical properties of substances;
  • plant growth inhibition / activation;
  • the phosphorescence effect - persistence of the soil crystal elements as a result of their crystal lattice stimulation by ultraviolet, microwave and, maybe, x-ray radiation;
  • exposing people to a lethal radiation doze;
  • exposing people to ultrahigh waves of the invisible spectrum zone causing the retina burn ending in full or partial loss of sight;
  • producing grave burns on the human body and even on the internal organs with some high-power thermal radiation;
  • irrevocable disappearance of people;
  • stimulating in people the ability of receiving and transmission the information of artistic, religious or political kind, aimed at inculcating views expedient to the purpose of restructuring human outlook, especially at bringing people to associate with CPW;
  • causing grave mental disorders as a result of such contacts;
  • full or partial amnesia (slipping out of memory of certain periods of time or certain kinds of facts) or hypermnesia (a pathologically high memorising ability) as a usual result of a contact with CPW;
  • telepathic communication of humanoids among themselves and with a medium who in the simplest cases just receives information as if emerging from nowhere in his mind.
The readers have already noticed, I think, that there is nothing new in what psychics, fakirs or illusionists of all kinds perform, as compared to this list of CPW's usual effect on people and their surroundings. Taking into account the direct connection between appearing paranormal abilities in men and their contacts with the creatures of parallel world, we are in a position now to sum up and conclude: all striking telepathic, telekinetic, psychokinetic and various other physical, biophysical and psychophysical effects (like standing on live coals, teleportation, levitation, etc) are invariably performed by the creatures of parallel world either directly or through their constant mediums acting under their influence and inspiration. This is what lies at the core of all para-psychological phenomena known to the mankind from the hoary antiquity, for there was no such period in the human history when people were free from the influence of the creatures of parallel world. It is interesting that at the VIII International conference "Man and the UFO Factor" (October 1999) the academician V.P. Kaznacheev (the Russian Academy of Science) expressed the same idea in a specifically scientific wording: "The molecular-biological objects are being influenced by the non-molecular component having, admittedly, an extraterrestrial origin and bearing a negative psi-field. The poison of foreign bio-psychical energy is imbuing the environment more and more thickly" (The "NLO" magazine, 48, 1999, p. 7).

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