What does "the implantation of feelings" mean?

    Those who doubt the role played by the creatures of parallel world in illusionist performances and the mediumistic nature of the illusionist abilities should listen to the opinion of a contemporary Israeli illusionist and medium Uri Geller.
    In 1991 he told American reporters N. Woodrow and A. Brooks that he received supernatural power for his "miracles" from "the nine humanoids from the planet of Hoova, who asseverate to have solved all existential problems. They have come to bring to men 'the new science' which includes telekinesis, full control of matter, ability to implant feelings and thoughts into other people's minds" (cited in "The Religion of Antichrist", Novosibirsk, "Posokh", 1997, p. 60).
    Here "full control of matter" means the ability to change its physical properties which is of special interest for out theme; and the "implantation of feelings and thoughts" into people's minds has been for centuries widely used by CPW to the great detriment of men.
    The telepathic translation of thoughts has been already discussed at length (the case of L. Kiseliova from Vologda and many others). But what does the "implantation of feelings" mean? Remember the consequences of a contact with CPW described in the first pages of this book, when a luckless citizen of the town of Alexandrov (Vladimir region) was "day and night, without ceasing, tormented by unbearable foreign impact: vibrations, buzzing in the head of different tones, crawling of invisible insects all over the body and sometimes such burning inside that death would have seemed a welcome relief". All this is called tactile pseudohallucinations (senestopathies) in psychiatry and is a vivid illustration of the "implantation of feelings" practised by CPW on their victims, whether the latter know it or not.
    The mentioned sensations arise not as the cortical axons respond to the real tactile irritation, but as a result of CPW-generated sensory impulses received directly in the corresponding cortical zones. Such phantom sensations may nevertheless be very painful.
    Before analysing the ways of CPW self-express in the so-called "original genre" through Uri Geller, let us say a few words about this known Israeli illusionist. He was born in 1946 in Tel-Aviv; on demobilisation from the Israeli army in 1967 he worked as a fashion model in advertising till 1969, when he first appeared on stage. In 1972 he moved to Europe where his performances were great success, and then very soon to America, invited by the renown astronaut Dr Edgar D. Mitchell (Appolo-14) and Dr A. Pucharich. "Uri successfully demonstrated his telepathic abilities on a level with the highest world standards before the American and Soviet delegations at the nuclear disarmament negotiations in Geneva" (Internet: http://www.urigeller.com).
    Uri's mediumistic bent was felt since his early childhood, when at the age of four he surprised his mother telling her quite unexpectedly the exact sum she had just gambled away at a party.
    "But really strange things began happening since the boy was six. Once he was given a wrist watch. At school he noticed it was thirty minutes fast. There was still nothing strange in that, he just turned its hands half an hour back, but soon the watch was showing the wrong time again. At home the watch came in order, but then suddenly its hands curved upwards and it stopped altogether.
    That marked the starting point of the curious phenomena that has never since left Uri: things acquired queer propensity to deformation at his approach. Fist his spoon broke in two at a dinner. Then spoons began to bend in a cafe that Uri liked to visit with his mother, though he did not even touch them <...>
    His career Uri owes to the American scientist Andria Pucharich, who was a spectator at one of his ordinary telepathic seances during a disco party. Next page day Pucharich came to talk to him in private. Geller wrote some figures on a sheep of paper and asked Pucharich to name any number. What the latter said exactly coincided with what Uri had written. Then he made a column of mercury rise in a moment, put a deliberately stopped clock going, and broke a wedding ring. All that aroused Pucharich's interest in his strange gift.
    At the close of 1973 Geller was invited to take part in a BBC TV program devoted to paranormal abilities. Many scientists were also present. In the course of a TV meeting the telecast was bombarded by calls of the surprised viewers reporting on their table things bending and their watches and clocks unexpected behaviour <...> For instance a Cambridge mathematician Ted Bustin was astonished by a screwdrivers set disappearing from the table at his very eyes and appearing at that very moment in the other room, with all screwdrivers broken inside. A microscope investigation showed that the break was due to a sudden intense heat"
    An excerpt from Uri's diary follows, telling about an unpleasant occurrence that happened to him unexpectedly when he was walking along the town: "All of a sudden I felt an irresistible power driving me upwards. My body seemed to weight nothing. I winced and closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them again I was up in the air, speedily approaching somebody's veranda's windows. One of them was covered with a mosquito gauze, breaching which I fell on a round table of thick plastic in the middle of the veranda" (V. Yashin, "This Mysterious Uri Geller". Interreklama, Internet: http://omen.ru/lib/magie/geller.com).
    V. Yashin's article focuses its attention on strange things happening to, or produced by Uri Geller, that cannot be explained by the contemporary science. But all he describes have long been known to men, and the same performances were held by magi, fakirs, illusionists or "artists of the original genre" (call them what you like) throughout the whole length of history - at the pharaohs' palaces and kings' castles, on the stage and in the circuses, on stadiums and at disco concerts, in Medieval German inns and in lanes and nooks of a one-eyed Indian town. I'd like to group the phenomena found in the cited article into the following categories:
    1. Guessing the sum of his mother's loss, or predicting the figures thought of by Pucharich - two facts pointing at telepathy.
    2. Queer behaviour of watches and clocks, as well as spontaneous bending and breaking of things demonstrate an ability of non-contact influencing material things conventionally called psychokinesis. (Here the fact that the same was taking place in the houses of Geller's listeners on the BBC, and the results of the screwdrivers microscope investigation seem to deserve special attention).
    3. The mysterious disappearance of the screwdrivers set is a kind of the same phenomena called teleportation.
    4. The spontaneous flight of the frightened medium into somebody's window is a rather awkward instance of levitation.
    V. Yashin tries to sum it all up: "It is already more than a century that scientists throughout the world invite psychics and mediums of all kinds into their laboratories trying to analyse their abilities with the help of scientific methodology. The results are rather disappointing by far. The thing is that one of the basic principle of any scientific experiment is its reproducibility, i.e. the possibility to repeat it as many times as is needed. And this is not possible here due to unknown and unpredictable reasons <...>
    Where do these powers and energies come from? What is hidden behind them? Numberless questions arise, to which the contemporary science fail to give any definite answers. It gives rise to the most variegated conjectures and hypotheses based on different kinds of philosophical and psychological thinking"
(ibid. p. 4-5). While the scientists invent their "most variegated (and hence false) conjectures", let us remember one very old truth, able to provide an integral and comprehensive explanation for this really multivariate and complicated phenomenon. It points at the presence near us, in the parallel superfine world, of some rational beings of non-human nature and non-protein substance, capable of influencing both the material and psychic aspects of the human world.

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