When the "omnipotent allies" turn helpless

    The creatures of parallel world used similar ways of influencing human mind in all the above cases: at a British stadium, in a Kolombo jungle, and in a German tavern. The Ceylon case differs only in that (it seems worth mentioning) the vision was not aimed at producing the effect of something happening at the present moment; the information was translated into the spectators' minds as if from its conductor's memory. The visual information contained something happening in the past, and the observation ground was rather unusual for a man ('the bird's-eye view'). Most probably the superfine creature who had seen the steamer from that height a couple of hours before, was translating the scene from its memory. The fakir himself sitting at his hut's side would not be aware of the situation on the ship without its help.
    The second peculiarity of the Ceylon case is that it shows clearly the effect of prayer. It often arises incomprehension in contemporary men: how can words produce any "material" effect, even directed towards the unknown to them God? But words are not their uttering only. Words of prayer act not by themselves but by the power of the divine grace with which God answers the prayer. It is the divine grace that protected the praying missionary from the demonic influence, destroyed the illusive picture and returned soberness to his mind. Note that those who did not pray continued for some time watching the fascinating hallucination.
    The one praying to God is protected from all negative spiritual impacts because it is most of all prayer that attracts the divine grace of the Holy Spirit, Who alone grants freedom to His partakers. Saint Seraphim of Sarov spoke of the "acquisition" or "assimilation" of the divine grace of the Holy Spirit as the purpose of life, for it unites a person with Christ. The Church teaches of the holy grace as the uncreated divine energy (or, more strictly, the divine action) inseparable from God and having nothing in common with created energies acting in various occult practices. It should be remembered that nearly all sorcerers and psychics would try to assure you of the "divine" nature of the energies and forces they act with. But the uncreated grace of the Holy Spirit is absolutely free and would not dance to their tune. It tastes differently. It brings different fruits. We, Christians, really ought to discern. I will return to this subject later.
    As for sorcerers, fakirs and the like - they all follow their inspirers (CPW), whom their paranormal gifts really belong to, and in whom "there is no truth" (John 8. 44). They always lie, and their lie is always based on substitution. The fact that all the Ceylon fakir's power (and it is sure to be called "divine" in contemporary educated circles) wore out, as soon as an Orthodox monk started to pray, speaks for itself. Could it have come from God if the name of the Son of God destroyed it? Could it belong to the Holy Spirit of God if it was filled with hatred to Christ? We see that a simple addressing Christ deprived CPW the power to translate their delusion into the spectators' minds and the fakir proved perfectly helpless. Such are all these allegedly "divine" powers for a Christian.
    All these Next page but "omnipotent" occult forces (CPW) always turn weak and feeble faced by a simple Christian prayer, and all their "miracles" (that so easily deceive spiritually ignorant spectators, sometimes causing them serious harm) are dispersed in a moment. We have already witnessed it when the vindictive UFO visited the monks, or when the nervous hypnotist could not bear a praying lecturer in a students' club.

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