Whose power is acting?

    What is supernatural for men may be quite natural for the creatures of parallel world. And it is exactly they who help their servants to produce "supernatural effects", or more correctly, who produce all those tricks themselves, hiding behind their servants' back. All ways of acquiring "paranormal abilities" (siddha) known in Hinduism, Buddhism and Lamaism, as well as in the occult teachings of all sorts, lead to one and the same aim: establishing a contact with the creatures of parallel world (CPW) - the importance of which is stressed by them in every telepathic message they send through their mediums, ancient or modern. All religious cults of Hindu origin serve this only goal: to switch on their adepts to a contact with the parallel world personal essences.
    Having made their bodies open to the "cosmic energies" (i.e. to CPW) by special psychophysical exercises (aimed at destroying the God-given natural spiritual protection) yogis, fakirs, psychics and occult adepts of all kinds receive (though not for nothing!) the power to use their abilities for the most various aims: illusionist miracles, quasi-healing, subduing other people's will, witchcraft etc. The usual promises to "broaden up" or "enlighten" the mind, to enter the "cosmic mind" and the like, turn out to be baby-talking to impress laymen and lead them into collaboration with the spiritual entities that gain through this an opportunity to manipulate people's minds. The false information - visual, audible, tactile and whichever else - telepathically introduced into their minds by CPW, is accepted by such "masters" as "revelations" and "enlightenment". But in fact this misinformation (the word is steadily used by ufologists) only leads astray its followers, causing often grave mental disorders.
    CPW prepare some of their promising mediums for mass propaganda. Such are led into euphoric states, shown visions of thrilling journeys into other worlds or "superfine spheres of being", given striking revelations and used as conductors of their (CPW) "paranormal" powers in the material world. These energies (quite natural for CPW) impress spiritually ignorant people, who consider them to be supernatural abilities of men.
    Returning to the strange effect of making thousands spectators watch false visions on the stadium together with switching off the usual visual impulse path from the retina and the optic nerve to the optic cortical zone, let us try to answer the question: whose power is acting in such "miracles"? Human nature is not endowed with such power. It is sure to belong to personal rational beings of superfine world, called the creatures of parallel world (CPW) in this book. So the illusionist trick on the stadium, so impressive for the vain mob, could have only be performed by these "wonderworkers" invited by their medium fakir.
    Another case revealing fakirs' true spirituality was described by Dr. A.P. Timofievich back in 1922, who had heard it from a former naval officer, by that time an archimandrite in the Kievan Laura of Caves, not yet closed by the Bolsheviks.

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