Creative activity stimulation in hypnosis.

    I'd like to crown this chapter devoted to the pictorial form of CPW's self-express with a concise review of V.S. Rottenberg's publication in the "Psychological journal" (volume 6, 2, 1985). It runs:
    "Scientists' special interest is being aroused recently by psychotherapist V.L. Raikov's experiments aimed at the creative activity stimulation in hypnosis... The researcher suggested to his patients that they had become "artistic personalities" in one or another art province...
    Having received a suggestion bearing, for instance, such content: "you are the painter Repin", patients (originally far from artistic bent) produced in a hypnotic trance pieces of art that were at the least quite professionally done. <...> As contrasted to an actor's play, such patients' behaviour in a great artist's "image" displays a much deeper knowledge of this artist than the patient's formal, i.e. conscious memory may contain. If an actor playing this or that man of genius renders but typical features of the latter's outward appearance, those mesmerised produce real pieces of art - musical, poetical, pictorial, etc. - transcending decisively all possible abilities of their ordinary state"
    Before establishing the origin of the artistic gifts emerging in a hypnosis (in people showing no sign of such abilities in their usual condition) I would like to say a few words on hypnosis as such. Its nature is far from clear for the present-day science. But the state of those mesmerised bears a strong resemblance of that of people associating with "humanoids", or "the Absolute cosmic mind", or whatever else CPW might pretend to be. Such people as well find their tongue involuntary uttering things quite foreign to them. They might very often prove perfectly ignorant of their spontaneous lectures' subjects; sometimes their very voice becomes unrecognisable. All this is evidence of CPW's ability to influence the man's higher cortical centres, innervating the articulation organs so as to pronounce the desired texts. The same is likely to take place in a hypnotic trance, a very illustrative instance of which I cite below.
    Imagine: the Soviet educational institute in the middle of the 70s. A hypnotist gives a performance in a student club. Two young first-year-students, gentle, bashful girls, are asked to mount the stage. Having driven them to a hypnotic trance the mesmerist addresses each: "You are the plumber Kolya", "And you are the plumber Vasya".
    What followed baffles all description! The students roared with laughter hearing the hoarse male Kolya's voice excelling in murderous billingsgate. His sottish friend Vasya answered in no less skilled foul language and with such a boorish tone that the spectators nearly fell from their chairs laughing. It should be mentioned that it was not at all customary at the time to use swear words in public performances, even of satirical kind. All that was aggravated by the fact that the unimaginable obscenities were pouring out of the tender lips of two innocent girls. They were lucky enough to remember nothing of what they had just been uttering - otherwise they wouldn't have endured the shame.
    The above case (as a great number of described cases of hypnotism) has very much in common with the picture of CPW's influencing their mediums when the latter are forced to utter things foreign to their mind (higher psychic automatism as described in Russia by V.Kandinsky in 1885 and in France by G.Clerambo in 1927). A great many psychiatrists (V. Kandinsky, A.L. Epstein, A.A. Perelman, A.A. Megrabian, A.V. Snezhnevsky, M.I. Rybalsky, G. Clerambo, A. Klod, K. Jaspers, M. Reisfeld, P. Hero and others) point to an important component of all such cases: an acute feeling of foreign influence coming from another personality. V.M. Bekhterev speaks of an analogous sensation in patients after a hypnotic trance, calling it "the hypnotic spell delusion" (1905), whereas S.D. Velichko calls it "the hypnotic influence delusion" (1912). The very context of their investigation together with the ruling at their time in scientific thought materialistic outlook prevented them from seeing here a real outward influence based on the ability of the creatures from parallel superfine world to innervate the human central nervous system.
    I consider hypnosis as one of the initiation methods, that is one of the ways to open up a person for establishing a contact with the creatures of parallel world. It is likely to be the CPW who control through the central nervous system behaviour of those mesmerised, their consciousness being "switched off". Most of the striking phenomena filling spectators with enthusiasm are simply due to this. In the above case it seems rather obvious.

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