The witch's circles.

    There is one more kind of CPW's independent and quite original self-express, known as the so-called "witch's circles" in wheat fields: complicated regular patterns and entire compositions (pictograms) made of thoroughly arranged and interlaced with one another wheat-ears. This absolutely useless practically phenomenon makes scientists puzzle over it for the recent decades without any positive results. A detailed observation of such occurrences given in the newspaper "Sovershenno Sekretno" ( 2, 2000, p.19) sheds a light on their origin:
    "The mysterious 'circles' in cereal fields of the South England made their first appearance a score years ago. Their perfect configuration and exact verges were really extraordinary. The fashion of the wheat-ears arranging was no less striking - usually they were styled clockwise, in a most thorough manner and interweaving with one another.
    Some years passed. The frequency and size of the 'circles' were growing rapidly. Their number increased in a nearly geometric progression: about fifty in 1987, more than a hundred in 1988, 270 in 1989. The year of 1990 proved the most prolific - about two thousand! More and more intricate compositions were coming to change the Previous page simple rounds. Sometimes there appeared several pictograms during one night, with hundreds of miles between them, some - on different continents.
    The 'circles' attracted many noticed scientists' attention, such as the American biophysicist Dr. William Livingood and his colleagues John Berk and Nancy Talbott. <...>
    John E. Berk: "Whatever origin be this power creating the 'circles', it changes the lodged cereals' tissues physically. The stems are often bent at the right angle without breaking, as if being made soft. It is particularly unnatural for rape, whose rigid stems cannot be bent down even slightly. The stems' nodes swell influenced by some incomprehensible power coming from inside; sometimes the influence is so strong that the cell membranes burst. Dr. Livingood managed to repeat a similar effect using the high-frequency radiation. The lodged stems' surface retains electric charge too. And the calycanthus tissues also showed an increased conductivity".
    One more peculiarity has been noticed: the bent cereals go on growing in the 'circles' parallel to the ground (which is perfectly strange) and never ripen. Instead, they gradually become 'younger' and by the autumn become emerald-green once more, contrasting sharply with the surrounding rape wheat. And still another strangeness has been noticed by Dr. Livingood, confirmed with other scientists too: the ears in the 'circles', perfectly normal in appearance, as a rule contain no seed. And even if they do, their grain strikingly differ from that of the rest of the field: its germinating capacity is either nil or abnormally high.
    Nancy Talbott: "The results are quite unambiguous: the hand-lodged herbs (whether you use boards or road-rollers) never have any of the anomalies found by the researchers of the 'circles' during years".
    Russian scientists have also noticed many peculiarities that cannot be imitated. In the proper 'circles' herbs sometimes adopt sinusoidal form and thick-stemmed weeds intertwined with the wheat change their colour and become twisted beyond recognition (N.S. Novgorodov).
    There are also some other queer characteristics. Sometimes the 'circles' are humming with strange buzzing and jingling noises or pervaded with ultrasound vibration. In some cases it has been possible to record the sounds on a tape, though very often gears refuse to work in the 'circles'. Cameras stick, batteries get discharged in a minute. Carrier-pigeons lose their way over the 'circles', there are cases when turbo-jet engines failed. Radio-controlled model aircraft (which also get out of control in the real 'circles') once helped to measure the dangerous zone's shape and size: it was a 200-foot-high cylinder over the circle (the height of a 20-storey building).
    The 'pictograms' influence people as well - in very different ways. Some experience strange visions and discover mediumistic abilities or the gift of forecasting. Some are cured from their old diseases, and others, on the contrary, catch new. More than 60 percent experience unpleasant sensations: headache, nausea, confusion and clouding of consciousness. All this is far from auto-suggestion: animals (dogs, cows) in the 'circles' also show sudden fear and often vomit. <...>
    Sometimes the peculiar jelly-like substance typical of UFO landing places is found inside the 'circles', or sudden and unpredictable radiation changes. <...>
    The mysterious 'circles' in cereal fields were found not only at the close of the 20 century. In 1914 they were registered in Saulsberry (South England), in the 60s - in Queenton (Australia), Essex (Great Britain) and other places. When cereologs (researchers of the cereal-'circles' phenomena) discovered this they delved into old books. The archives showed that mankind had long been acquainted with things like that. In Holland they were described in 1503, in South England - in 1618-1680. An old document in the British museum plainly ascribed 'pictures in fields' to the devil's machinations.
    Yes, people knew these phenomena from of old, calling them "witch's circles" and "devil's spits". Myths and legends correlate with the reality sometimes much stronger than we could have expected. There are quite real reasons to say: " , ".
    Very often good old fairy tales fall utterly short of the present-day reality. On August 26, 1972, not far from the town of Warmenster (South England) the American pressman Brice Bond witnessed together with a colleague such an enchanting sight: an UFO hovered over the field and, directing a coloured beam of light towards earth, started tracing out intricate patterns. A vague noise followed and the wheat-ears suddenly lay clockwise, as if ordered, before the journalists' very eyes. Cereologs consider this date as the "cereal" phenomena' birthday up to now.
    For the "beam" origin of the circles there are many indirect proofs. Scores of people have felt the beams with which UFO can influence material objects, so to say, on their own back. Those who were lucky enough to have had a narrow squeak from such a beam say that their body was being hold inside it by a certain irresistible power"

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