Can a painting be aged?

    I will allow myself also to make the third, more particular, conclusion: the Moscow painter O. Saiko created her strange canvases in a straight contact with CPW - and it is very likely to be these very associates of hers that had independently performed the still more strange New-Mexico rock paintings, whose age should be calculated not at all as 13 hundred, but a little more than 20 years.
    The New-Mexico phenomenon is not the only one of such origin. Many enigmatic petroglyphs containing the notorious humanoid-like figures or some strange prolonged subjects resembling space-crafts should be re-examined from this point of view. I would not at all be surprised if their age turns to be quite young in spite of the fact they are found in rather ancient strata. CPW's abilities much exceed those of men. On the one hand, they can easily make any pictures or inscriptions on a rock aged (judging by radioisotope methods) two or three hundred million years, or carve anything out of such rock. On the other hand, they can influence the rock in such a way that its radioactive elements' half-value period would be changed radically, thus "increasing" the age of the things produced from that rock. Such things are possible even in a laboratory trial.
    But a question arises: what do they need all this for? I think that all these falsifications are part of one general fraud that they try to maintain in the 'public opinion': they like to pretend representatives of extraterrestrial civilisations, though for all serious ufologists (e.g. Lucciano Bakkone, Jean Valle, V.G.Azhazha, V.I.Veinik, to name only a few) it has long become clear that the true origin of all occurrences of the kind is to be found in the parallel world penetrating the space around us.

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