The pictorial form of CPW self-express

Whom do the "latent abilities" belong to?

    Before introducing the readers into this section rich in the most astonishing facts, I would like to remind them of a thing that should be constantly borne in mind when speaking of contacts with the creatures of parallel world. CPW give false information, especially of themselves, more often than tell the truth. On discussing abundant material gathered by numberless witnesses, the members of the VIII International conference on the UFO problem (Moscow, 1999) had to admit that a great amount of contacts were characterised by "some purposeful misinformation coming from an unknown source. <...> The possibility of a certain mysterious game with the Earth population should not be overlooked, for the aim of such grandiose misinformation is perfectly incomprehensible" ("The NLO" Journal, 48, November 29, 1999).
    It should be added that at present as well as in the Previous page ages a very frequent fashion of CPW behaviour is passing themselves off as real human persons that have died, or, more correctly, the souls of those deceased. A very typical case of such artifice was described in the magazine 'Strannik' ('The Pilgrim') 3 for 1885.

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