Psycho-programming methods

    The existing methods of mass manipulating are well described in an interview given by Igor Smirnov, member of the Academy of Sciences, director of the specially organised research institute of psychoecology, head of the department of psychoecology at the Russian University, to the newspaper 'Trud-7' correspondent M. Zubov:
    "- Do modern science and engineering allow hidden influencing public consciousness through television?
    - Of course yes. There exists certainly the so-called 'twenty-fifth frame' that escapes the spectators' consciousness yet accurately brings the information home... However this simplest zombie method is hardly of any serious value today, for it can be disclosed too easily with the help of an ordinary videotape recorder... There are much more subtle 'digital' technologies that allow embedding additional information into a visual or sound recording in such a way that it would be perceived by the mind absolutely irresponsibly, as a subconsciously assimilated directive <...>. It is like this. I record any phrase I wish to thrust on my 'patient' as a directive and with the help of computer technologies turn the sound 'inside out'. In such form it sounds like, say, the surf noise. It can be easily disguised as music or whatever else you wish. And let the patient listen. Some time will pass and his brain will decipher my instruction. The man will never guess he has heard anything, yet be sure he has memorised it properly and received the message which he will feel obliged to fulfil.
    This method's certain advantage is that a patient has no opportunity to resist information, or give the offered directive a critical look, or understand it anyhow.
    <...> If mention once more the unpleasant question of 'zombiing' people, it must be stressed that the best protection against it is intellect
(or, more exactly, clear-cut moral judgement, deeply rooted in religious and cultural values - Heg. N). The more intelligent the brain is, the more resistant it proves to useless or harmful information. It will guard itself against foreign influence rejecting that which sickens its moral values" ("Trud-7" Dec. 16, 1999, p. 26).
    As we are concerned here with the question of collaboration with CPW, let us pay some attention to the quality of subliminal information the creatures of parallel world insert into their mediums' songs. The results would be more than striking: thus, the group 'Led Zeppelin' enciphered in its song 'The Ladder into the Heavens' the incessantly repeated phrase: "My cherished Satan, nobody else has laid the way". Likewise, the 'Rush'-group's 'Hymn' contains the following message: "Oh, Satan, it's you who shines... I'm sure it's you whom I love". This rock-mediums' steady interest for the Satan personality and the Satanist symbolism of their concerts and albums will be analysed further. Here it is enough to state that all the subliminal messages embedded by the creatures of parallel world into rock songs are aimed at driving their listeners to despair, fury, lechery, hatred, loneliness, thus enhancing in the youth the suicidal mood. The CPW prove to be great partisans of Satanism.
    To draw a conclusion for all mentioned in this chapter I would like to repeat that in most cases the true origin of the so-called sensory musical envisioning (M.I.Rybalsky, 1983) is to be found in a conscious or unconscious contact with rational beings of parallel world (CPW). The phenomena of sensory envisioning in composers, artists, poets and actors, close but not always identical to hallucinations and pseudo-hallucinations, received a thorough examination in V.F. Chizh's textbook on psychiatry back in 1911, without, however, touching upon its aetiology.

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