"He murders people in his songs"

    Modern composers collaborate with the creatures of parallel world widely and actively, and especially those who create rock music. It is obvious from their many interviews - as, for example, that of a well-known rock composer and performer Nick Cave. The author of the TV program 'Double Portrait' Nikita Evgan called his interview with Nick 'Nick Cave - the Theorist of Violence' with such an explanation in the subtitle: "He murders people in his songs, but writes a preface for the Bible' (The newspaper 'Version' 18, May 18-24, 1999). Such is the celebrated composer's credo: 'I write when I'm sober as a judge. When drunk as a lord, or under the drugs, I also write. I can't say whether it is God or the inspiration who gives me this, who knows. But one thing I know well: mine is a nugatory role; I am but a device that simply writes down. I think it is most probably God who dictates".
    The composer is rather critical. He does not take the music production for his own, feeling clearly that he is not its creator. He looks upon himself as a mere transmitter of the ready-made score heard in his mind.
    Note, that the musical information keeps coming into Nick's mind even when the creative effort on his part is not possible due to the strong alcohol or drug poisoning.
    The probable source of information is pointed out by the composer as "God or the inspiration". The "inspiration" that comes notwithstanding Nick's condition or ability (cf. the "Velashvesh" school) is sure to be a creature of parallel world able to translate music into a medium's mind. Yet, though the latter is "just a device for writing down", it is more flattering for him to think that it is "most probably God who dictates".
    Another rock-star Alice Cooper [?sp.] (true name Vincent Funnier) confessed to a journalist: "Some years ago I attended a spiritist seance where Norman Barkly entreated a 'ghost' to respond. Finally, the 'ghost' appeared and addressed me. He promised glory, power over the world and wallowing in money to me and my band. The only thing he wanted of me was - my body. In exchange for possessing my body he made me famous throughout the world. For this sake I received the name he had called himself at that seance" (cited by: "Troitsky Blagovestnik", The Holy-Trinity Sergiev Laura, 1992, 35). As a result of a contact with a creature of parallel world pretending to be the age-long-dead witch Alice Cooper Vincent Funnier received the ability to "hear" ready musical pieces that he had only to put on music paper. Having agreed to place his body at the 'ghost's disposal, the musician let a creature of parallel world dwell in him and direct his behaviour, which is likely to end in the utter enslavement of the whole personality.
    The main 'Black Sabbath' composer O. Osborn also "created" in a state of a contact or, in his own wording, "in a mediumistic trance", writing down finished musical articles.
    Note that contacts with creatures of parallel world in rock-musicians always go hand in hand with their passion for satanism. Most of them become active participants of satanic worship, "priests" and servants of black masses, celebrated now openly in the numerous churches of Satan scattered all over the planet. For instance, Mick Jagger ('Rolling Stones') considers himself a "Lucifer's embodiment". His songs' titles speak for themselves: 'Sympathy for the Devil', 'To Their Satanic Majesties', 'My Brother Demon's Spell', etc.

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