When the 'author' resembles a computer

    These two cases are interesting for us by the obvious detachment of the poetesses' consciousness of the creative process. The girls' function resembles that of a computer: the user (CPW - an adverse user, indeed!) 'loads' the information, while the child-computer puts it on paper, the 'printer' being a human hand with a pen. Eventually, at the age of 10-11, having tasted from the poisonous fruits of fame and the treacherous sense of being chosen, both girls passed to another form of contact - collaboration with CPW.
    It is not at all difficult to lead a child into a contact with rational beings of parallel world. There are a good many rather simple techniques for that, aimed at destroying the natural spiritual protection inherent in men. One of them is hypnosis, numbered as a form of the black magic in the occult encyclopaedia by Manly P. Hall: "In its manifold branches the art of black magic includes nearly all forms of ceremonial magic Mesmerism and hypnosis certainly belong here" ("Encyclopaedia of Masonic, Hermetic and Cabalistic Symbolic Philosophy", St-Petersburg, 1994, c. 368).
    Child ability to open up to CPW is widely used by the latter's conscious servants, I mean adherents of occultism of all sorts. In this sense the 'Institute of Humanology' founded in Moscow by T.N.Dashchinskaya in the early 80s is quite typical. Under its guidance there was organised a primary school 'Velashvesh', whose teachers formulate their main goal as "activating a child's super-consciousness'.
    But what is 'super-consciousness'? All serious investigations to find its origin show that the consciousness that transcends infant (as well as adult) consciousness belongs to some other consciousness, or the consciousness of some rational beings of non-human nature. Thus, when T.Dashchinskaya speaks of "necessity to put the super-conscious mode of function in action" she points at the task of "connecting up" to a contact with CPW.
    The school's striking achievements described in the article "Those Illumined by Sun" (newspaper "Mir Novostei" 41, October 9, 1999) are very much likely to be the results of such occult initiation: "Despite any measure of 'incapacity' the pupils are all dawned with inspiration and:
    - poetry arises as if by itself;
    - painting does not demand years of annoying mastering the techniques;
    - and creating musical compositions is as well quite accessible without even knowing the do-re-mi.
    The children educated in the frames of the "Velashvesh" methods experience real delight and are proud of themselves".

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