Methods used by CPW

    First I must say that there is no man on earth who were not subject to a more or less serious influence of the creatures of parallel world. Most people are not aware of CPW's nearly constant mental and physiologic influence on them simply because they do not try to be attentive to their feelings and thoughts, or at least words and actions. But the degree of susceptibility to CPW's influence is very much different in different people, and the tactical scheme followed by CPW is not the same in every case.
    All people seem to be divided by the creatures of parallel world into three categories according to their psychological and, especially, moral qualities. There are, correspondingly, three different tactical schemes used by CPW for indoctrinating them:

    a) the pseudo-charismatic tactics
    b) pressing
    c) latent methods of influence

    The creatures of parallel world are no bad psychologists and know very well which way to choose with each person, pursuing rather consistently, in all the variety of forms and methods, their own quite definite goals in respect of the whole mankind. Let us make a brief survey of the characteristic traits of the three mentioned categories of people.
    1. The first group is formed by those, who are chosen by CPW to be their assistants in the human world, or their "agents of influence". These are subject to the first, pseudo-charismatic tactics, characterised by a nearly undamaged state of the medium's psycho-physiological structures in very close contacts with CPW. Such people receive fascinating pieces of information from their unseen mentors, are taught and guided by them, serve as living vehicles for CPW's energies and powers in influencing people and nature (which they sometimes may naively consider their own gifts and supernatural abilities). Psychologically they are characterised by a proud (one may call it also naive) feeling of their exceptional mission and unparalleled spiritual might, which is, in fact, not at all theirs. With the help of some supernatural gifts, the creatures of parallel world create in them a specifically distorted way of thinking, making them mouthpieces of CPW's ideology among men.
    Two things are essential for CPW in choosing such "missionaries": their ability, due to their psychological turn, to become leaders or idea-mongers; and their readiness to prefer "supernatural gifts" to the voice of their conscience, which makes them more and more deprived of the protecting grace of God. Such is the mechanism of sudden appearance of "supernatural" energetic and mental abilities, quite natural for the creatures of parallel world, known as telepathy, mesmerism, telekinesis, clairvoyance, arcane healing and various kinds of paranormal creative activity. This group is less numerous in number than the other two.
    Two global tasks are set before all such agents of influence, no matter how they call themselves - psychics, quarks, mesmerists, adepts of magic, sorcerers, witches, arcane doctors, astrologers, healers, mediums, illusionists, fakirs, spiritualists, guru, etc:
    First, they should serve as advertising agents for the "boundless" abilities of those who venture upon a direct contact with the creatures of parallel world and let their energies in (in fact, such people will be doomed to serfdom to evil, though, of course, they are not to be told so from the very beginning).
    Secondly, they are to popularise and introduce into the minds of people such religious, philosophic and political views that will help them to erase from their memory any hint on the Christian outlook.
    The following case is cited to illustrate how the so-called "supernatural gifts" come through a contact with the creatures of parallel world.
    On December 30, 1973, at 23.30 the old Ventura Masejras, who at his seventy three still worked as watchman, was stricken with an unusual sight. Not far from his lodge (all was happening in Buenos-Aires, Argentina) there was a huge (20-25 meter in diameter) orange-red "plate" hovering over tall eucalyptuses. Shafts of sparkles were running out of its bottom and an enormous luminescent ring was rotating around it. There were two pilots seen under the half-sphere on top of the strange object, somewhat humanlike but with no more than tiny slots instead of mouths.
    A bright beam of light suddenly shot at Masejras, blinding him. At that moment the UFO vanished, leaving a sharp smell of sulphur behind. "What came forth a couple of days later was difficult to believe. The old man felt that his upper jaw, that had by that time had plenty of gaps, started to be filled with new teeth. In a short time there was four of them: two incisors and two molars. Besides, the semi-literate Ventura suddenly conceived an irresistible propensity for dilating upon philosophy, theology and astronomy, displaying an astonishing erudition. No medical expert could explain such drastic change in both body and spirit" (A.B. Petukhov. "UFO Questionnaire". Moscow, 1991, p. 30). The old Argentine thus became a living slogan calling for closest contacts with the "omnipotent" newcomers.
    But what is the source of Masejras' erudition in the fields of knowledge the old man had not heard of before? Psychiatrists call such things the "syndrome of multiple personality disorder", described in medical textbooks as follows: "Mental content of such patient's personality seems occasionally to be cut off and replaced by a perfectly different mentality of a 'new personality', with complete or partial amnesia of the Previous page life experience" (A.A. Megrabian. "General Psychopathology". Moscow, 1972, p. 161).
    Without taking into account the possibility of CPW's mental and physiological influence on man, this and the like mental disorders' aetiology will always remain obscure. The above episode reveals the moment of "switching on" to a permanent contact with creatures of parallel world, similar in a sense to the ancient rites of pagan priests initiation. The "astonishing erudition" belonged to another personality (a CPW), that started to act periodically through the old Ventura's body and brain soon after he let it in.
    It should not be overlooked that there are cases when the "alternate personality" does not fully replace the primary one, adding its qualities and mental experience to the natural human qualities and experience, thus interpenetrating by its energies the nature of its victim. What is called in psychiatry obsessive states are likely to be of such origin. They should be distinguished from the cases of full possession.
    When the "alternate personality" completely replaces its victim's personality for certain periods (from minutes to several hours), cutting its conscience off, this "new personality", acting through a man's body during these periods, has nothing to do with the primary personality of its victim. It is a completely different personality with its own experience, knowledge, habits and way of thinking. It is a creature of parallel world that has gained ascendancy oven the man's mind and is controlling his actions through his brain at such moments.
    Many cases are known when a short contact with an UFO, or even a mere curios look at it, unexpectedly resulted in "supernatural abilities" for clairvoyance, telekinesis, mesmerism, healing (i.e. an ability to influence human physiology) etc. I'd like to stress once more, that all these are just natural abilities of the creatures of parallel world, who act through their human conductors after establishing a direct contact. And this is what we call the pseudo-charismatic tactics. All such people eventually become obedient mouth-pieces of CPW's ideology.
    2. The second group is formed by people useless for CPW as their "advertising agents" but still obedient to them through their passions and open to their influence due to a high measure of deprivation of the protecting grace of God. Quantitatively it is greater than the first. Here are numberless maniacs, murderers, suicides, the overwhelming majority of chronic lunatic asylums' patients. There is a steady tendency to the increase of this group, mostly at the expense of the third one. With the apostasy from Christ and Christianity, and hence, the loss of the divine grace, peoples and nations provide the creatures of parallel world abundant "human material" for this kind of influence.
    The tactics of pressing is the cruelest one. Not only the will and memory are affected here, but also the whole psycho-physiological structure of man, from the highest cortical systems to vegetative and sympathetic functions. In its final stages it leads to personality destruction, dementia or self-annihilation.
    3. The third, and up to now largest group is the rest of the mankind, for since the Fall human nature is no longer free from the devil's influence. God's grace protects the main part of the human race from an overt pressing on the part of CPW, but even the saints, while on earth, are not inaccessible to their malice. Conscious Christians confront it with prayer, others seldom realise CPW's more or less subtle influence on their mind, emotions and physiology, readily accepting it as their natural thoughts and feelings.
    Latent methods of influence are numberless. The more we deny CPW's existence, the more freedom they have in making us think and feel as they wish. Some great thinker once said that the very idea that the devil does not exist was the latter's main tactical victory. And the holy fathers of the Church teach that to reveal the true nature of our thoughts and see clearly which are from God, which - from the nature, and which - from the evil one, means a great step in returning to God.
    The difference between this type of CPW influence and the two first tactics is rather quantitative than qualitative. All CPW's methods lead to one end: separating mankind from God, estranging people from Christ's commandments as the only ontological principle that has the power to unite a man with his Creator. The driving force of them all is also the same: passions, understood as false directions of the soul's faculties.

* * *

    The great variety of forms and methods of influencing human psychic, used by the creatures of parallel world within the frames of the three main tactical schemes mentioned above, produce a deep and very complicated mental sphere having a most direct attitude to what was called the unconscious by S. Freud and P. Jeannet and the subconscious by their successors. The notorious antagonism between this part of the unconscious and the conscious ego, thus receives a new context of the unconscious struggle between two different minds: the human mind with all its depth and disintegration (for its unity is gained only in its return to God) on the one hand, and the sometimes more powerful, but still foreign, angelic mind of a creature of parallel world, which artfully uses the natural (after the fall) disintegration of its "opponent", on the other.
    [ The spiritual struggle is led for the Commandments of Christ, viewed not as an artificial superstructure invented by man as a social animal, but as the God-given ontological principles that are alone capable to unite man with God. The patristic formula: the commandments are given by the Same Who has created the nature (and as such are the only efficient medicine against the decay) - has long been forgotten by the Western psychology, and this seems to be one of the main reasons why its teaching on the unconscious lacks integrity. ] - show the AUTHOR
    The explicitly destructive character of the information contained by this part of the subconscious is well known to all psychologists, psychotherapists and psycho-analysts. In respect to our topic this may serve a one more illustration for the fact that the creatures of parallel world have never cherished any "good intentions" regarding the human race, but are filled with utmost hatred to God's creation as such. All their "beneficial missions" are simply fairy-tales told to those who are being victimised by them according to the first (pseudo-charismatic) tactical scheme in order to disguise their real malice.
    There is another part of the unconscious which neither we are going to describe at length in this book (for that would lead us far from our subject), nor the modern psychology gives its proper place. It is no less deep and rich, but has a principally different nature than the CPW-produced subconscious. Its source is the mild and unobtrusive Divine inspiration. This Judge is absolutely free and observes the full freedom of choice in men, just pointing at the enduring values, common to all mankind. It never shouts of its high mission. But all peoples have a notion of it, calling it either the conscience or the prompts of the guarding Angel of God. The Church teaches that there are guarding Angels caring as for whole nations (even pagan), so for each person on earth. Christians are given another, special guarding Angel when they receive the holy baptism. The November Menology on the day of the Feast of Archangel Michael and All the Heavenly Hosts says: "One angels of God care for us from the day of birth, others - from the holy baptism" (Menology. The Moscow Patriarchy edition, 1980, part I, p. 236). A detailed teaching on the subject may be found in The Orthodox Dogmatic Theology by archbishop Macarios Bulgakov, volume I, reprinted in 1993, p. 547-556.

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