Forms of humanoids' self-express.

    In many contacts of "positive" type (that is when the medium is not desperately oppressed from the very start) the creatures of parallel world are obviously trying, besides introducing "new" religious, and sometimes ideological or even political views, to express through a medium their own feelings and cravings in a most varied manner. The main forms of CPW self-express are:

    a) literary (and, especially, poetic)
    b) musical
    c) pictorial
    d) illusionist (variety art)
    e) healing and clairvoyance
    f) sexual
    g) political
    h) scientific

    Before giving a detailed analysis of some of these, I'd like to say a few words on the three main paradigms of CPW's behaviour in each form, or the three main tactical methods for influencing people, significantly different from one another.

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