Free cheese in the Initiation mouse-trap.

    Does it take much to master such an obedient god? No, there is nothing simpler. "To become a healer (that is to manage Reiki) one has only to be initiated and receive the Power from a plenipotentiary Master of Reiki. To 'learn' Reiki is easy even for a child, for no special knowledge is needed". Well, cheese is free only in a mouse-trap, they say. Isn't is tempting, indeed: you manage divine energies (or god himself, for the system lacks discernment of these) without a slightest effort, a slightest hint on working over yourself. Isn't it lovely! To learn how to manage God A flattering idea! No monotheistic religion of the past (contrary to the professor's claim) has ever invented anything like that!
    The offered method is simple: to gain the Reiki energy, you have only to believe that it is the very energy with which Christ had once "manipulated" miracles and that you, having received it at a seminar from a master of Reiki, will easily do the same as He did. Thus you will be equal to Christ (and the master that has performed the initiation then - a bit greater?), just maybe not so famous This very "belief" is an overt denial of Christ, that is the method is as follows: reject Christ as your God and the Creator of the world, reject Christ as the only Redeemer and Saviour, reject His teaching (for it contradicts the "new theology" you have to accept) - and you will be given the healing "power" at your disposal.
    So, Doctor M. Usui has served the creatures of parallel world in creating one more "new religion" with its own hierarchy of pagan priests with three levels of initiation, as a one more travesty of the Church of Christ with its three degrees of priesthood (bishop, priest, deacon).
    Summing up all the above, I'd like to draw the readers' attention to the strange unity of all teachings received in a mediumistic way. Doctor Usui's "new religion of Reiki", the writings of medium L.A. Kiseliova, or those of her widely known predecessors Blavatskaya and Rerich, as well as many others - all try to teach the human race one simple thing: all people need coming into a close contact with CPW and let their energy abide in themselves, which is possible only for those who entirely reject Christ and His teaching. To be more exact, this "letting the Reiki energy in" may mean an installation into the human body of a foreign "god", of a certain spiritual entity (CPW) that exercises through a man its own energies.

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