It is too short a way from seeking the "secrets of healing" - to denying Christ.

    As for Doctor Mikao Usui, he was absolutely fixed in his determination to find a straight way to the "secrets of healing". There were no such in the teaching of Christ. Well, he felt better without Christ than without the passionately desired "secrets". What really inspired him was not being with Christ, but being as Christ and His apostles (cf. Gen. 3: 5)!..
    Such false understanding of spiritual life (rather typical, by the way, of the Roman-catholic theology since the times of Thomas Kempinas) with its rejection of the "narrow path" of self-denial shown by Christ as the only way to the Kingdom of God which is within, implicitly contains in itself the denial of Christ and His teaching. Doctor Usui thus meets some unknown energies endowing him with the desired supernatural gift not before he has denied Christ in his heart. The meeting is marked by a vision of iridescent spheres, common to many mediumistic contacts, as well as the intense beam of light intruding into his forehead.
    The recently Christian Usui starts wonderworking, in raptures of his charity. He is not much concerned who revealed him the "secret". But soon he finds out that there is very little use in what he does. Those healed do not become any better. Healthy bodies return to the slavery to the unhealed souls. So, Christ was doubly unkind - in respect to the body and in respect to the soul! A new teaching is needed. What then? The same "Unknown" who has endowed him with the strange healing energy, now "reveals" him the "secret" of the needed religious teaching, right opposite and even opposed to the Christ's. The new doctrine lacks either dogmatic integrity or simply logic, which does not prevent it from being a great success in the world. Its true authors are undoubtedly the same creatures of parallel world (CPW) who are for some reasons (which we shall discuss further) so keen on diverting the mankind from Christ.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ, God Incarnate and the Creator of all things, is given in the new Usui's theology the humble place of "one of the higher Initiated", a bit higher than another "Initiated", Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Despite its brevity and very primitive character, the Reiki theology contains striking controversies evident even to a very unsophisticated reader. Thus its adept, professor of the Munster university Peter Heitkemper writes: "Translated from Japanese, Reiki means Universal Vital Energy which we contemplate as impersonal cosmic vital power, as physical, biological, social, mental and spiritual quality". A bit further the professor do not hesitate to state: "Reiki may be as well contemplated as personal. It does not contradict to either Jewish, or Christian, or Islamic, or any other religious thinking (an affirmation founded on nothing and evidently addressed to a perfectly illiterate audience. - Heg. N). The Universal Vital Energy is God who has created and is now creating multitudes of spiritual beings, souls, that are serving him, as we also are". The Next page phrase of the respected professor is sure to knock readers down with a third contrary assertion: "Reiki is the infinite Cosmos of the spiritually Initiated Souls ascending to God as their true source". All this eclectic miscellany is, of course, followed by a practical advice: "We, people, should make and abundant use of Reiki, always and everywhere, for with its help we bring people Light, Love, Gratefulness, and overcome Darkness, lack of love, ungratefulness It may remind a Christian of those many laying of hands used once by Jesus Christ, the greatest Initiated of all times".
    Such strikingly primitive pantheistic delirium is added by an unprecedented contempt to the professor's "God and Creator" absolutely inadmissible in either of the three world monotheistic religions mentioned by the self-confident German adept. If Reiki "is God who has created and is now creating multitudes of spiritual beings, souls, that are serving him", how can we "make an abundant use" of him for our daily needs, for instance, for preventing a cold in the head? "Reiki is very practical. - the professor reassures. - At a slightest sign of an ailment, I can easily lay hands on the hurting place and prevent the development of a disease". Such god resembles a lap-dog ready to jump or bark at its master's whimsical orders.

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