How are new false religions born?

    Here is a short list of the newest mediums-teachers and their teachings: A.Pike [sp.?], F. Nitzshe and Alister Crouly (modern forms of satanism); E.P. Blavatskaya, A.Besant (theosophy); E.I. Rerich (agni-yoga); San Mun ("the church of union"); Mikao Usui (reiki); Porfiriy Ivanov (the Ivanov's sect); Ioann Bereslavsky (the Virgin centre or "the new religion of the third testament of the prophet Ioann"); Maria Tsvigun (Maria-Devi-Christos; the "White fraternity" sect); Seko Asakhara (AUM Sinrike); falsechrist Vissarion (Sergey Torop; the church of the last testament), and many others.
    The idea that the "extraterrestrial guests" are trying to create a new religion, so as to keep human minds throughout the globe in full control with its help, has been expressed by many investigators of the UFO phenomenon. For example, such far from religious turn of mind experts as A. Roberts and G. Gilbertson, having devoted long years to this topic, came to a certainty that all mediumistic contacts with the so-called "cosmic mentors" or "mahatmas" (as is the case with E.P. Blavatskaya) are just various forms of an UFO contact (see Roberts A., Gilbertson G. "The Dark Gods". London, 1980, p.71).
    A Vologodian newspaper "Krasnyj Sever" provided on April 30, 1998, a vivid illustration for this. Liudmila Alexandrovna Kiseliova, a medium, people's healer and the publisher of the occult magazine "Help Yourself", told about herself the following: "I was born in Tot'ma. The right to be called a healer came to me in the March of 1992 directly from the Universal Mind. I heal with the White Light. I came to know about its existence in the autumn of 1988 from God I was then a perfect profane, did not believe in God at all and knew nothing of the spiritual world <> In 1992 the Universal Mind first spoke to me. It said: 'When you enter the Light, it will be your buttress The Light will become the entrance into the Great World Love this sinful world, this will be your cross. Tell people the truth'
    - You call yourself a contactant. What does it mean?
    - A contactant is one who keeps in touch with his planet or who takes subliminal dictations of the Universal Mind or of other planets. Such man is linked with extraterrestrial civilisations, maintaining a permanent communication with them.
    - How did it occur to you that you are a cosmic envoy?
    - That happened in March 1995. One day my native planet opened to me. It is situated in the neighbouring galaxy near the Canis Major constellation. It is a spiritual, light, kind planet of Power and Reason. That day it informed me about my cosmic name - Krijlo Nauli. In our earthly language it means: the one assisting in acquiring the higher knowledge of the nine prophets. I regularly receive subliminal information answering my questions about my planet through the brain. Only light, pure individuals
(Kiseliova obviously considers herself such. - Heg.N.) can receive such kind of information, when the divine powers allow them to. My planet is inhabited by beautiful, clever and kind beings who study the Earth and watch over it. Having visited it as a researcher for thirteen times already, I just cannot make out why should we carry wars, take offences, commit crimes. Why don't we value love, friendship, knowledge? Why don't we believe that out planet has its own God, Jesus Christ?
    - Is there any hope then?
    - There is only one hope: the mankind should make brisk steps to the collaboration with the Light Cosmos, the sooner the better. We shouldn't forget that there is a fierce fight on, a fight between the evil, dark and the good, light planets. Representatives of the both are present on the Earth
    - What is the main purpose of your earthly life?
    - I live for making people healthy and illuminated. I wish to make the full use of the gift I have received from above: to show people the path of knowing the Truth, purify them from the black, devilish powers <> The Cosmos gives us the knowledge of other worlds, it investigates our planet, guards it The Higher Cosmic Council protects the Earth.
    - And how does the Cosmos keep the Earth under observance?
    - With the help of UFO. The disembarkation spacecraft stations had been on the Earth in all times.

    The message of the "new philosophy" that L.A. Kiseliova receives from the alleged "Universal Mind" in the subliminal-dictation form is that the human race should realise as soon as possible, who are its real saviours from envy, hatred, malice, wars, illnesses and other misfortunes. These are, she insists, nobody else but the Light Cosmic Powers (the Higher Cosmic Council) headed by the Universal Mind, for a contact and collaboration with whom we should immediately make ourselves ready. Special "envoys" sent to the Earth in the "plates" from other planets of higher civilisations (panic-stricken, however, at the sight of a Christian cross), are also supposed to be of some help here.
    From the dogmatic point of view, Kiseliova's teaching is an overt paganism ("Jesus Christ" being one of the local planetary gods, which makes the system still more ridiculous). The "legislative" power in her cosmogony belongs to the Higher Cosmic Council, a "council of gods" (those very "false gods" whose ascendancy has been destroyed by Christ). The rather delirious autobiographic data suggest that Liudmila Alexandrovna, though born in a small provincial town of Tot'ma (the Vologda region), is at the same time a faraway-galaxy envoy (which, however, remained concealed from herself up to the year of 1992). To all appearances, she considers only her body human, whereas the soul is claimed to have come (now already for the thirteenth time!) from the planet of Ori near the Canis Major. A cunning anthropology, isn't it? The kind old lady feels obliged to disseminate such dogmas by all possible ways and means. She is absolutely sure that by indoctrinating people with her delirious revelations, which takes all her efforts, time and money, she shows them "the path of knowing the Truth". A thousand pities such noble intentions have not met a better use!
    Well, new (and invariably false) religious teachings had always had more or less the same nature and inculcation methods. I don't think any of them have ever been created entirely by men. All of them, except the only one given directly by the Most Holy Trinity, the true God and Creator Himself, are due to a purposeful activity of the creatures of parallel superfine world. The method remained the same through ages: CPW find people ready to accept them as divine powers and to take their dictation (mediums or, to use the modern term, 'contactants' [?]) and make them their mouthpieces to promote false religious views into the minds.

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