Contacts are followed by mental disorders

    In June 1991, Sunday supplement to the 'Nedelia' magazine published an interview with N.D. Tuikin, Candidate of medical science, who had devoted himself to the problem of the "extraterrestrial intellect's victims" rehabilitation:
    "He is an experienced psycho-neurologist; since the year of 1990 he works as a consulting physician at a centre of medical and psychological rehabilitation of UFO victims. There Nikita Dmitrievich has changed his views on the human nature as such and on the world that surrounds man - both this visible world, and the one which is invisible, intangible, but (the doctor has no doubts about it any longer) quite real and very often far from harmless.
    - So, what lies in the core of your present work, Nikita Dmitrievich? Who are those you have to rehabilitate and what have they suffered from?
    - The thing is that a great amount of rather incomprehensible phenomena we have to face daily affect first of all human psychic. And human psychic is fragile. It needs protection. It needs guarding against the negative after-effects of contacts that start without people's deliberate will.
    Each day brings us a new patient, sometimes - two or even more. They hear "voices", feel moral pressure of foreign will, experience fear, dismay, confusion, have a feeling that they are going mad. Since September there have been more than forty of those to came to the consulting department of this medical centre in the state of a contact, as they say, with the higher cosmic mind.
    - But what about their mental adequacy? Can you, after an unbiased examination, call them sane?
    - About 85 percent have problems in social adaptation.
    - Had they had the same problems before they entered the alleged contact for the first time, or the psychic disturbances have developed as a result of a real contact? Which is the cause and which the effect?
    - This is what we try to find out. In most cases the picture is as follows: a contact is followed first by a neurosis. Usual symptoms are fear, nervousness, irritability. A man needs help to overcome the oppressive tension, anxious anticipation, anguish. In some cases traditional psychotherapeutic techniques prove useful.
    - And what if a contact goes on - the voices, suggestions, visual images?..
    - Yes, and I must say that such people are extremely persistent, integral in their testimony. Traditional psychotherapy easily classify all such things as hallucinations, suppressing by that the patient's personality - not the disease! - labelling him as mentally deranged, mad. But there is evident reality of feelings, evident reality of the experience. We try to discern: what kind of "voices" are heard? Whose are they? What do they suggest? When a psychotherapist feels his patient is becoming a prey to the dark powers, serious measures should not be delayed"
("Those Flying in the 'Plates'. Nedelia. Sunday supplement. June 3-9, 1991).
    7. Very often rational beings of parallel world disguise as "cosmic hierarchs", "higher cosmic minds", "the Universal Mind", "cosmic mahatmas", the Buddha Majtreja, angels of God, or God Himself. Their aim in such cases is to introduce into practice through their mediums new religious or quasi-religious teachings.

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