Massed misinformation

    The VIII International conference "The UFO-factor and man" (Moscow, October 1999) also made a conclusion that "the contacts content suggests the idea of some massed purposeful misinformation coming from an unknown source. In particular, V.I. Samokhvalova, Doctor of Philosophy, spoke on the increasing number of false prophesies promoted by people keeping in contact. She thinks that the possibility of a certain mysterious game with the Earth population should not be overlooked, for the aim of such grandiose misinformation is perfectly incomprehensible <>
    V.P. Kaznacheev, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, came out with a rather unexpected view on the roots of the indubitable global phenomenon - an obvious degradation of mankind. However strange it may seem, but all the main world religions have extremely dismal account of the modern age. V.P. Kaznacheev is of opinion that this is the age guided by an illusive energy of a mysterious origin and with the sad quality of leading people astray from realising their true destination. 'Molecular-biologic objects, - the academician states, - is being effected by a non-molecular component of, possibly, not earthly origin and possessing a very strong negative psi-field. The poison of foreign bio-psychic energy concentrates more and more intensely around man'. Vlail Petrovich presents a highly expressive apocalyptic picture of a specific intellectual AIDS at hand. The alien field, he says, affect the brain first of all. One infected individual can transmit the disease to up to a million people. A whole army of ill people would then transmit the irrelevant picture of the world and see things in a distorted way, thus creating an epidemic situation of an 'intellectual wash-out'. Such delirious men and women give birth to most various sects and oddly orientated social currents based entirely on their morbid chimeras, promoting conflicts of different scale and depth.
    It is impossible to reassure the diseased in their delirious concepts and inadequate behaviour because of the organic injury in their brain neurones. Further progressing of the disease factually leads to the disintegration of the primary person with preservation of normal physical activity. A classical example of making a robot (zombi) of a man by unknown rational powers! V.P. Kaznacheev's opinion is that an efficient protection against the 'intellectual wash-out' waves may be found in joining a traditional religion"
("The NLO" Journal, p.7, 48, November 29, 1999).

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