Nonsense parade

    Most investigators insist there are no rational reasons for the sudden CPW's appearances and behaviour, that only strike spectators by shoddy effect producing fear and confusion. This is all the more strange for the creatures that are trying to pass themselves off as representatives of a higher civilisation. The following case, witnessed a few years ago by scores of people in the settlement of Karlovo (Kolpin district, Orlov region) may serve a good illustration of such nonsensical behaviour:
    "The sky was cloudless, - tells V. Beriozina, a brick-plant worker, who witnessed the event together with a group of workers leaving the plant after their shift. - Suddenly we saw a column reminding a cloud. When we turned to see it better, it turned into a man's figure of about two meter height in a silvery suit. Then a light-blue path appeared under its feet; the figure started moving slowly along it, leaning a bit forward. All was like a slowed-down pictures. People began to gather. Nobody had the courage to approach nearer, but were watching the scene from a distance of about fifty meter or so. Then another cloud appeared near the man's figure and a woman's figure shaped out, and also began to walk like that, leaning forward. One of us turned back for some reason and noticed there, on a coal hill, another figure, differing from the first two by its dress' colour. This one was very much like an old man from our settlement. Somebody surmised that he dressed up like that for a joke. But he stood silently in the crowd of spectators! They all vanished the same way as they appeared, rising as clouds into the sky" (The journal "NLO" 44, November 1, 1999, p. 6).
    5. Observations show that the materialising objects of parallel world possess a unique ability for polymorphism.
    It is well illustrated by the case watched by the crew and passengers of the Estonian aeroplane "TU-134 A" that was making flight number 8352 on the rout Tbilissi - Rostov - Tallin in January 1985. The aircraft captain I.A. Cherkashin, the second pilot G.I. Lazurin, navigator E.M. Ognev, flight engineer G.M. Kozlov, who saw the UFO directly from onboard of the plane at a height of 10 km, as well as the flying control officers in Minsk, Riga and Vilnius, who witnessed it from the earth in the survey locators screens, are sure that the "object" they saw was originally deprived of any dense material structure. It becomes solid and available for the locators after some time. The newspaper "Trud" (January 30, 1985) featured the story in subtle details in the article "Exactly at 4.10".
    First the crew noticed a luminescent round spot at a height of about fifty kilometres, which issued a conical light beam falling on the ground and lighting up all houses and roads within it. "Then the light spot flared up and turned into a green cloud". The control officer in Minsk (the aeroplane was about 120 km from it) received the crew's report and answered that the locators indicated nothing. Meanwhile the cloud was changing its shape: "a tornado-like tail went down from it. Then it went up, and the cloud became a right quadrangle". Soon the quadrangle transformed itself into a "wingless aeroplane, luminescent with yellow and green sparkles". Only then the object became felt by the instruments and the Minsk control officer could correspond its coordinates to another plane, coming from Leningrad. This also saw the "cloud-plane" and described its shape to the control officer.
    So, as long as the UFO was being seen as a star or a cloud, though it was witnessed by scores of spectators and had the power to illuminate the land 50 km below it with an intense light, it did not reflect the locators' probing radiation and produced no echo. But after it transformed itself into a more dense object, it appeared at once on the screens of the Minsk, Riga and Vilnius control locators.
    It should be mentioned, that the bizarre transformations of UFO shape are usually absolutely irrational, technologically impossible and meaningless for a spacecraft of any supposed civilisation. All those turning of the "flying plates" with many viewing ports into a flat silvery triangle and then into a reddish fog or a green cloud, that will Next page be transformed into a square and then into a wingless aeroplane, etc. show that, on the one hand, all such "objects" have nothing to do with extraterrestrial civilisations and, on the other hand, are not at all stable material objects. Such behaviour reveals that the creatures that wish to be received as coming in these alleged "spacecraft", can easily dematerialise together with their vehicles, and, hence, do not need any vehicles at all for changing their position in space.
    This means that all the inane changes in the UFO shape are some appalling farce, whose irrationality brings scientists at a loss and confusion and makes those ignorant of God's revelation on the world's structure conjecture at its extraterrestrial origin. p. 48-49

Why should "they" jeer at us?

   Sometimes the UFO-type performances bear an overtly jeering accent. Thus, "on June 17, 1989, Mironova, a teacher from Vologda, watched a huge luminescent ball flying over the roofs. There were some other witnesses also. The ball suddenly changed into a woman's face. A woman of about forty of fifty was looking at those gathered from the sky, the vision was rather vivid - though not coloured, but monochrome, brownish - the eyes winked, the features assumed various expressions. Then the face turned into a contemporary war aeroplane and, finally, a heavy tank marching past. Isn't all that strange?" (V. Azhazha, "Take Care: UFO!". Moscow, 1991, p. 21). Really. Why should "they" jeer at us?!
    6. The fact that most cases of contacts with the creatures of parallel world have not only sharply negative effect on human mental and physical health, but very often proves fatal, cannot be denied. If we look at the continuation of the seemingly interesting and fascinating encounters, we'll be shocked to learn that most of them end in grave and incurable diseases. The above case with the "wingless aeroplane", for instance, proved for the witnessing crew tragic. The newspaper "Socialisticheskaya Industria" published its continuation in the autumn of 1989: "The captain died from cancer a few months after the encounter in the Moscow hospital named after Botkin. His case history contains a strange record: 'Whole organism lesion due to a fatal radiation doze received from an unidentified flying object' Later I met the second pilot, - the correspondent goes on. - This healthy young man had to leave aviation as an invalid soon after the incidence. Now he habitually faints for hours"

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