Let us try to sum up the results of the extensive investigations performed throughout the world.

On the single root of all abnormalities

    1. By the end of the 20th century there had been gathered countless facts speaking for the abnormal phenomena, including UFO, being objective - though not allowing strictly scientific explanation. The coryphaeus in UFO investigations John Keel came to a definite conclusion that various phenomena accompanying contacts with UFO have really the same nature as the still wider area of abnormal phenomena (mediumistic abilities, poltergeist, etc) (John Keel. "UFO: The 'Trojan Horse' Operation". St- Petersburg, 1992, p. 249).
    2. The space around earth (including the atmospheric layer) is proved to contain a non-protein form of life, i.e. a parallel superfine world with its rational beings of other than human nature.
    3. These rational beings of parallel world are able to influence human psychophysical organism (perception and other mental processes, emotions, physiology) and the material objects and their properties.
    4. These creatures' possible conversion from the superfine to dense material state and backwards, that is temporal changes in their density has been tested instrumentally.
    Curious observations on parallel superfine world objects' materialisation and dematerialisation were reported at the VIII International scientific conference "The UFO-Factor and Man" (October 1999). Thus V.I. Klochkov, who presented the Tver ufologic group "Contact", said: "In one of the Tver abnormal zones whole groups of tourists witnessed aerial spheres soaring over the earth that were turning into motorcars (!) going onto the highway and driving away before their very eyes. In the autumn of 1995 the Tver investigators made a unique photograph showing the very process of such materialisation. The snap shows a definite picture of turning of a white flying sphere into a lilac motorcar with switched on back lights. The amazed observers watching the scene through field-glasses saw how then it switched on its front lights and drove about a hundred meter, after which it became a whitish ball once more. A hundred-meter segment of motor-tyres track was found on the ground at that place the Next page morning (the journal "NLO", p. 7, 48, November 29, 1999).
    There are many cases when the creatures of parallel world (CPW) materialise not as objects of these human world or things made by our "brothers by intellect from faraway galaxies", but as human-like figures of most variegated size and shape known under the common name of humanoids. Their most usual form is human-like figures of about two or three meter height in silvery overalls. No less frequent are goat-legged shaggy creatures (with or without horns and tails) or ugly dwarfs from 80 to 120 centimetre. In separate cases they appear as fifteen-meter monsters or twenty-centimetre gnomes.
    The same creatures (CPW) have in all ages caused unbearable horror coming as half-transparent ghosts and apparitions. At the mediumistic seances they materialise from a whitish cloud into a medium's double, indistinguishable from the latter and perceptible for those present. Mermaids, gnomes, wood-goblins, house-spirits, etc. are also their various manifestations, as well as the mysterious "snow man" that so skilfully dissolves in the air in its persecutors' very eyes leaving the scientists at a complete loss.
    During recent years the presence of creatures of parallel world is tested instrumentally. Such investigations are described by V. Zabelyshensky: "Electronic optic transformers of the infrared radiation and thermovisors of the AGA-type (Sweden), that do not demand special photo-materials or any additional time for getting an object's image, have proved very useful UFO (CPW) are most successfully detected in the infrared part of the spectrum, for which cameras with highly sensible for the infrared radiation films are widely used Using this method the Italian research group of L. Baccone has managed to get photographs showing the presence in the atmosphere and on the earth surface of many invisible objects and forms of quasi-human type possessing quite definite radiant and magnetic properties" (V.I. Zabelyshensky. "Tracking the UFO". Moscow, 1991, p.10).

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