Christian prayer is not to the 'newcomers' liking.

    The "newcomers"' "philanthropic" intentions are well illustrated by the following example, eye-witnessed by the humble author of these lines. No, they are not going to rescue us from environmental disasters and wars, as they allege through their countless mediums, assuring them of their benevolent mission. Nothing of the sort. The story I am going to tell happened in the summer of 1992 in one of the small quiet monasteries of the Russian north.
    Soon after midnight I heard through my cell window a novice shouting from the monastery yard:
    - Batiushka! What's there in the sky? Look, what an appearance!
    The novice's excited tone together with the word 'appearance' and the indication that it was taking place 'in the sky' left little doubt that the brother was watching an UFO. I ran quickly out into the corridor knocking on my way at the brethren cells' doors telling the brotherhood to hurry to the yard. There we all stopped in amazement: over the eastern monastery wall the raven-black velvety sky was being crossed by a slowly moving strange 'object'. It was heading for the town and resembled a huge motorcar headlight in a sideview. In size it was like a young crescent. The 'object' was flowing strictly horizontally to the south, emitting backwards a narrow and clear-cut beam of light consisting of the multitude of separate tiniest rays. A long and rather wide strip of cloudy saffron-yellow and somewhere red fluorescent light remained behind on the starry sky. The most curious thing about it was that the radiant light was coming backwards from nothing! The tiniest beams were coming from an imaginary concave surface existing in speculation alone. There was nothing in front of this imaginary line but the black starry sky. No physical body! That all such things were not at all due to the activity of our "brothers by intellect" from another galaxy was quite clear from the very beginning.
    - The 'object' is approaching the town, - I said. - Let's try to deter it. Repeat the prayer after me.
    Reciting the prayer to the Holy Cross "Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered; let them also that hate Him flee before Him..." I started to cover the sky in the direction of the 'object' with wide signs of the cross. All the rest did the same. The huge 'headlight' suddenly stopped and turned so as to face us. Now it was like an enormous round electric torch. It "shot" at us with three iridescent concentric circles of light and started to move away, having changed its trajectory at the angle of 90 degree. We said the prayer once more and went out of the heavy gates to have a better look at its luminescent saffron-yellow-orange tail that was lingering away in the night sky. Having feasted our eyes on it for about fifteen minutes we returned under our gate-church vaults, locked the gate and went each to his cell, extremely pleased with ourselves to have been able to make the 'object' leave the town.
    But we were not to have any rest that night. At about three in the morning we heard: 'Fire!'
    Everyone rushed to the yard. Behind the eastern wall, in the direction where the luminous devilish trinket had withdrawn, the sky was flashing with sinister blazes of fire. Black clouds of smoke were seen in the flashes and loud reports of the slate splitting with heat heard. Even from behind the wall we could see that the fire was no joke, and the settlement around the monastery - was all wooden huts My first thought was: "Our new pilgrim hotel is burning!" We rushed where some fire-engines were already racing with deafening sirens. Yes, it was our pilgrim hotel It was not possible to approach: pieces of slate were hailing in a shrapnel-like manner.
    It was less than a fortnight before, that we bought from the local telephone station that spacious two-storey loghouse for our pilgrim hotel. A big group of pilgrims had been expected that night. Beds and mattresses (a gift of the local military unit), and clean bed-clothes had just been brought there. But the pilgrims did not come for some reason. Looking at the firemen fighting the raging flames I thought: "Thank God they had postponed their pilgrimage". The hotel had been empty
    - Hey, father! D'you know why it caught fire?
    I looked back. There was a man living in the neighbourhood. He caught my inquiring look and went on:
    - This night in the short hours I went out to smoke. I like to look at the stars as I smoke. So, I was peacefully smoking and watching the stars when, o dear! there it was, flying along the monastery wall towards the town. Then it turned all of a sudden and went towards the settlement. Having approached this your house it issued a tiny ray on it, and went on. I finished my cigarette and went to bed. But soon I woke up: what's the matter? where do they shoot?? I went out and saw the fire. That's that damned ray, you know, that's that ray

    The UFO's behaviour is explicitly marked in this case by a strong vindictive colouring. And the reason for their vengeance seems rather extravagant: the UFO's strongly negative reaction was evidently provoked by the sign of the cross and the prayed, always used by Christians for protection against the evil spirits. The sign of the cross was immediately answered by three radiation "shots", which however brought no harm to the praying monks (remember the case with the Estonian farmer, who died being exposed to a similar beam). The sign of the cross and Christian prayer were obviously something that the UFO could not stand. The sudden change of its course and the vindictive arson of the only house in the settlement that belonged to the monastery showed it quite clearly. The hotel, by the way, was soon restored for it was mainly the roof and ceilings that suffered, the walls being spared by the fire. The expected pilgrims appeared in the morning: their bus had broken on the way and it took some time to repair it Their luck - or better to say, God's providence.
    There is one more illustration for the so-called humanoids' intolerance of the cross and prayer, conveyed to the author by two girls at a railway station of the same Northern town in winter 1993.
    I was reading a book in the waiting room and did not notice two young girls that sat down in front of me.
    - Sorry, father, - said one on them, - may I ask you a question?
    - Of course. - I looked up from my book.
    - What's your opinion on the UFO?
    - I'm not too much fond of them. Why?
    The girl motioned at her friend:
    - This summer she and I were spending holidays at my granny's. Once we were walking along a field's edge, and - lo! something is descending from the sky just before us, something very much alike those "flying plated" I had seen in the pictures. It landed and a little man came out of it. I don't know why, but we felt terrible fear. Awful fear! - The girl stopped as if recalling the overwhelming impression.
    - And you? What about you? Did you do anything?
    - Ah! What I did! I just crossed him, and myself, and him again. As my granny had taught me. She had always told me, if you see something fearful, cross it, and yourself, and also say: Lord, have mercy! That's what I did.
    - And what followed?
    - It was like hot air that wavered before us, and both the 'plate' and the fearful little man vanished in it. They were no longer What do you think? What all that was?
    - You know it yourself. Who, do you think, is afraid of the cross and prayer?
    - The unclean, they say. But we did not much believe in them. What then? do they really exist??
    - But you've seen it yourself, haven't you?
    The girls giggled, thanked and flitted away.

    The above cases highlight a rather strange peculiarity in the UFO's behaviour. Why should philanthropic, humane and compassionate beings from faraway galaxies coming on charitable mission take vengeance on a monastic community for reciting a psalm at a distance of at least 300 meter from their "flying object"? Why should they be afraid of the sign of cross made by a country girl? Their reaction seems overtly inadequate.
    Another typical trait. The appearance of these queer creatures goes nearly always along with strong unaccountable fear. The fact that the two girls were not paralysed is rather rare; one of them even had the courage (or more exactly, the God's grace) to lift her arm and make a sign of cross in the air in the direction of the UFO and its inhabitant. Isn't is strange, that two crossing lines drawn in the air by a girl's trembling hand and three simple words: "Lord, have mercy" had the power to make the representatives of the "higher civilisation" immediately retire?
    If we think of these facts we will have to abandon all hope on the UFO extraterrestrial origin. The leading researchers in this field (see J. Wallet. "The Invisible College". New-York, 1975; J.Keel. "UFO. The Trojan Horse Operation". St.Petersburg, 1992) are sure that the entire complex of abnormal phenomena, including UFO, is an outward manifestation of the rational beings of a parallel superfine world intrusion into the human life, and an intrusion of no philanthropic character.
    Great many facts proving the existence of another reality - the one not subject to the five bodily senses - made even the Soviet (desperately indoctrinated by atheism and extraordinarily conservative) scientists speak of another, superfine world with its own forms of life, different from this biological existence. In 1990 many academicians and doctors of science expressed such views on a conference devoted to the phenomena of clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis. The director of the Institute of clinical and experimental medicine (Nobosibirsk) academician V.P. Kaznacheev stated at it officially: "Our institute has received experimental results that allow to insist that the protein-nucleic form of life, conventionally considered the only one for the living matter on Earth, has, in fact, its counterpart" ("Komsomolskaya Pravda" March 13, 1990).

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