The "fiery" gift.

    Discussing the CPW thermal effect on men I cannot help mentioning the famous "Enakievo wonder" so widely discussed some fifteen years ago throughout the entire Soviet Union. There was hardly any local newspaper that had not published astonishing facts watched by hundreds of people in the town of Enakievo (the Donetsk region). In April 1987 the newspaper "Izvestia" featured a first detailed account of the strange phenomenon sent from the spot by its correspondent N. Lisovenko, who said:
    "The Ukraine militia turned for help to scientists: analytical chemists, physicists, biologists and medical assessors. What caused their trouble was the strange phenomenon of the seventh-form schoolboy Sasha K.: since the last November things around him started to catch fire by themselves <>
    It all began when one fine morning the window in their flat was found broken through, the outer glass being damaged as if from a slightshot and the inner - pierced as if by a thermal cutter, with a regular round hole with fused edges in it and with no cracks whatsoever. That day first troubles with electricity started. The fridge, the TV set, all lamps kept spontaneously switching on and off, <> and on November 23 at 8.30 heavy smoke suddenly belched from the corridor: it was the felt carpet burning. The fire went on to the door. "Fire!" - exclaimed Sasha, and his mother and he rushed for water. Next page day an oil-cloth at their balcony caught fire. Then the plugs, a chair, newspapers <> During a year their flat suffered nine conflagrations.
    - I earn good money, - Sasha's father complained, - we were thinking of buying a car this year. And - alas! we are perfectly burnt down!
    The family decided to leave the unlucky flat for the time being and surrendered to Sasha's mother's parents' appartment. Once
    - I had just washed the floor and spread the rag near the threshold to dry, - Sasha's grandmother Liudmila Mikhailovna says. - And, imagine! the wet pink rag suddenly went black issuing smoke
    Then its turn came to carpets, furniture, books - in their new abode as well.
    Sasha's cousin Natasha Dubienko recollects: Once Sasha came to our place. We started to play. Suddenly I noticed that my fur-coat on the hanger, and the cap, and the scarf were burning. Another time he came after school and changed his dress. He just placed his school trousers on the back of a chair and they blazed up in a minute! We are now afraid to let him in.
    The same happened to Sasha's favourite jeans, brought for him by his mother from Moscow, to his books and shirts Once his exercise-books flared up just in the middle of an English lesson at school, deforming his new briefcase Since the 'fiery gift' opened in the poor boy, all was the same wherever he went"
("Izvestia", 101, April 17, 1987).
    After the article was published the newspaper received a letter that was placed in the Next page item devoted to the "Enakievo wonder":
    "Here is a letter from A. Markov, the secretary of the local party organisation where the boy's father works: 'There were conflagrations that started in the presence of firemen and militia. Nevertheless, nobody can detect their cause. Yet the situation grows worse every week. Electric bulbs in the entire apartment burst, even those that were not connected to the socket; an open bottle exploded and broke the window (this I saw myself). My right shoe flew out through the kitchen window, suddenly starting from the door where it had been left and crossing the corridor.
    A large three-leaved wardrobe suddenly shakes and fells, the washing machine is found upset. Nobody believes the poor family when they address investigating bodies, all suspect some hoax or self-interest <>
    The newspaper invited Sasha and his mother to Moscow in order to place the boy under the observance of doctors and experts. Sasha's father's colleagues also insisted on that <>.
    The clinical research institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR expert commission's conclusion was: the boy is sane, with no pyromania or any other psychic disturbances.
    When the research officer of the A.N. Sysin General Hygiene research institute analytical department V. Iskakov was sent on an assignment to the place of accident, the 'Enakiev case' had already become still more complicated. Threatening inscriptions began to appear on the walls - some of which were cut off along with the wallpaper and so preserved. The frightened family had left their once beloved flat, now devastated, burnt, ruined: they were haunted in it by voices and visions"
("Izvestia", 147, May 1987).
    The high potential of the energies with which the creatures of parallel world (often in the specific form that had received the name of UFO) influence material objects is corroborated also by instrumental investigations. V.I. Zabelyshensky writes: "Numerous cases of UFO interaction with the environment and the analysis of direct measuring their energy parameters have give the following results: an UFO in the mode of flight or hovering over the earth is a point source of electromagnetic energy. It radiates commonly in a spherical way. The usual parameters are: frequency 1000-1300 MHz, impulse width 2 maxwell, frequency of impulse repeat 2-600 Hz, radiation power 1,5 megawatt, in the acceleration mode 1,8 megawatt. The figures have been received with the help of the American aeroplane B-47 airborne measuring instruments over the Mexico bay in 1957.
    The amplitude of the field magnetic disturbances when the UFO is 40 km far from the ground measuring instruments is 10-4 oersted; at the distance of 500 m - 2103 oersted <>
    In a number of cases UFO produce sparking and there is a mild radiance around it - a corona discharge. An atmospheric corona discharge is known to have place when the electric field tension reaches the order of 3 million volt per meter. This means that UFO have great negative potential relative to the earth" (V.I. Zabelyshensky.
"Keeping Track of UFO" Moscow, 1991, p. 8-9).
    An unbiased study of the UFO contacts effect have shown that even when there is no overt aggression on behalf of the creatures of parallel world their influence is always harmful and more often even destructive for men and all the living, including plants. Russian researchers wrote:
    "Watching UFO from short distances (from an aeroplane, for instance) is very often accompanied by the body heating-up or a drastic temperature rise in the cockpit. Sometimes it becomes so hot that the pilots have to catapult. The physiologic effects can in general be classified like this:

  1. Burns of the first and second degree as a result of a careless approach to an UFO or its flight at a low height.
  2. Loss of motor activity (palsy) for the time of a close contact.
  3. The one approaching an UFO may be stopped by an elastic medium (field) or even knocked down. When an UFO flies over a motorcar it produces a buzzing sensation, muscle paralysis and a loss of consciousness (even a momentarily loss of consciousness on the road may result in an accident). Our investigations have shown that microwave radiation influence the work of the motor nerves responsible for muscles contraction and relaxation, which results in a full or partial paralysis. It is known that radiation frequency exceeding 800 MHz fifty percent of energy is absorbed into the bodily muscles.
  4. Various situations of closer contacts bring along something reminiscent of an electric shock.
  5. A steady headache, absolutely incurable for several days, is as a rule observed after close contacts.
  6. Eye inflammations and conjunctivitis are usual results of the ultraviolet radiation.
  7. Unaccountable fear, often turning into panic during the contacts of the third kind (closer contacts). Fear and panic at the approach of an UFO are also natural for animals, who feel it in advance (as well as an oncoming poltergeist phenomenon). Dog is considered the best indicator of an UFO soon approach.
  8. Those witnessing UFO landing or low hovering speak of peculiar scents of sulphur, ozone, or simply of acrid smells.
  9. There is one more specific manifestation of the UFO energy influence typical of some kind of soils. It is known that sometimes roots of herbs on a landing spot are found charry, the soil structure being characteristic for the high-frequency calcination. Besides, the landing place may be luminescent for several nights. This is phosphorescence - the soil crystal particles after-luminescence as a result of their crystal lattice stimulation by the ultraviolet, microwave and, maybe, X-ray radiation" (V.I. Zabelyshensky. "Keeping Track of UFO" Moscow, 1991, p. 10-11).
The above facts demonstrate different methods of influence used by the creatures of parallel world for not at all beneficial purposes. These methods are: radiation (radioactive) effect, light, thermal, electromagnetic, geo- and biochemical effects, anti-gravitational and biophysical influence, and psycho-physiological influence pregnant with producing grave psychiatric pathology. Very often they cause either death, or life-long serious physical and mental disorders.

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