Victims to curiosity

    The magazine "NLO" ( 44, November 1, 1999, p. 7) provides three tragic cases of UFO encounters: 1. "In autumn of 1999 the Estonian journalist Anton Zilgalvis' story shocked everyone. He lingered away within three short months having conveyed before death his fatal experiment.
    Wandering about the Daugava coast, Zilgavis came across a meadow with an unidentified bean-shaped object in the middle. What a luck! That would be a sensation indeed! He started to gesticulate and call for the 'brothers by intellect' to attract their attention. Soon two humanoids appeared from the 'bean' and pointed at him with a silvery stick, after which the 'big stir maker' found himself paralysed. The stunned journalist was drawn into the 'bean' and it took off. In no more than a minute, as it seemed to the curious prisoner, it landed somewhere in the Caucasus foothills (judging by the landscape). There several scores of UFOs were already standing in the valley. Humanoids were strolling from one to another. One of them took Anton out of his 'bean' and plunged something like a corkscrew into his forehead! Then the victim of the 'extraterrestrial experiment' was taken back to the Daugava meadow.
    You can certainly take the whole story as a mere hallucination. But there had long remained on the landing spot a clear-cut circle with burnt grass and three regular dents in it - the traces of the props. And the journalist himself suddenly fell prey to an unknown disease and died in three months".
    2. "In October 1984 Victor Burikov from Rostov-on-the-Don became another victim to the 'newcomers'. He also happened to come across a 'plate' in the forest. There was an open hatchway seen in its side with a short accommodation ladder going down from it. The moment Victor saw it he felt he could not move. Somebody lifted him and carried towards the 'plate'. The hijackers were extremely tall (more than two meter) strange beings in tightly fitting silvery overalls. Burikov was brought into the 'plate' and laid prone. A slight boom followed which lasted about three or four minutes. Then the kidnapped was snatched by the armpits and taken out. The landscape was once more reminiscent of the Caucasus. A narrow valley with a tiny mountain rivulet in it contained seven or eight similar 'plates'. One of the humanoids started inserting into Victor's head 'a spiral like a corkscrew'. When the 'process' was over he was once more put on the plate's floor prone. In less than five minutes he was standing on all fours amidst the meadow he had been kidnapped from. All ended tragically: Burikov soon died.
    There is evidence of too many really horrific examples of UFO casual witnessing. People got burnt inside (!) and outside, perished from fatal irradiation, went blind, went mad. Those subject to a beam from a 'plate' may turn into a 'bloody fog' remaining as sediment on the burnt grass. 'Those who have met an UFO do not last long, - the newspaper 'Latuias Laiks' sounds the alarm. - Only in Kurzema nine of them died during recent twelve years'".
    3. "Some years ago a forty-years-old farmer Prestos Filke caught a beam from an UFO. Soon he went decaying alive. Thirty nine (!) witnesses, policemen among them, saw his innards through his transparent skin. Soft tissues looked as if boiled for several hours. In some four and a half hours after the contact Prestos' skin started coming apart, muscles slipped off the bones. It was only after six hours of incessant suffering that he died. Soon even his bones decomposed!"
(Magazine "NLO", 44, November 1, 1999, p. 7).
    The same issue (p. 19) contains a case of people "spontaneous combustion". An Australian correspondent says that "it is already not the first accident of the kind officially documented by the police. Scientists as far fail to determine the phenomenon's nature unambiguously". This is what happened:
    "On August 24, 1999 Jackie Park fetched her mother, the 82-year-old Agnes Phillips, at the old people's home in Chisalton near Sidney. They went along the road of Balgovni towards a nearest supermarket. Having left her car at the shop's doors, Jackie went to buy the necessary things. When in a few minutes she returned she saw a smoke rising from the car window. Passers-by had helped her mother to get out. The old lady's breast, neck and stomach were all covered with terrible burns. She died in a hospital a week later. A commission of forensic experts found no traces of chemical essences able to cause combustion on her body".

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