The fatal consequences of the "encounters"

    It won't be out of place, I think, to present here some facts to illustrate the overtly harmful and often even fatal influence on man produced by UFO and the connected with it queer creatures that are called differently in contemporary world: humanoids, critters (a term introduced by T. Constable), fragments of "ethereal reason" (V. Azhazha's expression), minus-femot-objects (V. Veinik's terminology), the higher cosmic minds or simply the newcomers. Further we shall be calling them the creatures of parallel world - CPW, for the sake of brevity. So, these are some illustrations.
    On June 16, 1948, the test-pilot Apraksin started a usual flight. In about half an hour at a height of 1500 meter he noticed a "cucumber-shaped object" crossing the air going down. Shafts of bright light were coming from it behind. They reported from the land that the object is likewise seen on the radar screens. Apraksin directed his plane towards the object. When the distance between them reduced to ten kilometres, the light beams from the object spread out in a fan-like manner and "went through" the plane, blinding the pilot for a moment. All the electric instruments onboard went out of control, the engine stopped. Apraksin was lucky enough to land the machine gliding, presenting a detailed report on the incidence.
    The CPW influence here is two-fold:
    a) the pilot was momentarily blinded with a light beam (eventually he lost sight)
    b) the aircraft electric systems were blocked out with a strong electromagnetic field.
    Florida (USA), Palm Beach, August 9, 1953. At 9 p.m. Sonny Desverges, a Scout leader, got grave burns being shot at by a fiery-red beam from a round flying apparatus. The beam injured his hands and hair as he covered face with his palms. Three boy-scouts that were nearby found him lying on the ground unconscious.
    Ohio (USA), March 19, 1969. At 10.30 p.m. 13-year-old Gregory Aulles was knocked down with a beam hit produced by an UFO hovering over the trees at a height of ten - fifteen meter. The boy's jacket caught fire and he was taken to hospital badly scorched.
    Anolaima (Colombia), July 4, 1969. Ancesio Bermudes signalled with a pocket torch to a silvery object that was slowly flying over his farm. It answered with a flash. In two days, on July 6, Bermudes was taken to hospital in a desperately grave condition and died in Bogota of fatal gamma-radiation exposure.
    Finland, January 7, 1970. At 16.46 forester Lario Hoynonen and farmer Esko Wilgio were skiing in the forest about sixteen kilometres from the city of Haycola, when they saw a dome-shaped UFO descending not far from them. It stopped at a height of three or four metres above the ground and a bright light beam hit downwards, circumscribing a regular circle a metre in diameter on the snow. Then they see in the circle a human-like figure about 90 centimetre tall holding a black box in its hands, from which bright pulsating light flashed at them. A thick red fog descended from the UFO. When in a few minutes it melted, Hoynonen felt that the right part of his body was paralysed. Trying to make a step, he fell on the ground. Wilgio helped him home. Both soon got terrible head-aches, went sick, their urine became the colour of coffee and skin went red. They were taken to hospital in Heteborg (Sweden) and died there of a fatal doze of radiation.
    Russian scientist A.B. Petukhov represents a following summing-up: "UFO witnesses faint very often. This symptom goes either by itself or, more likely, in combination with several others. About one half of those who report on collapse or paralysis complain also of piercing pains or the feeling of an electric shock. Other physiological reactions are amnesia, head ache, loss of the sight, sickness and vomiting" (A.B. Petukhov. "UFO Questionnaire". Moscow, 1991, p. 26).
    Timothy Gull's book 'Top Secret: the World-Wide UFO Mystery' provides a list of twenty three English scientists that had had to deal with the UFO problem because of their line of work, and that perished in the six-years period since 1982 to 1988:
    - 1982. Professor Keith Bowden - killed in a car crash.
    - July 1982. Jack Woolfenden - killed in a glider crash.
    - November 1982. Ernst Brockway - committed suicide.
    - 1983. Stephen Drinkwater - committed suicide (hanged himself).
    - April 1983. Colonel Anthony Godly - was missing, declared dead.
    - April 1984. George Franks - committed suicide (hanged himself).
    - 1985. Stephen Oak - committed suicide (hanged himself).
    - November 1985. Jonathan Wash - committed suicide (threw himself down from a skyscraper)
    - 1986. Doctor John Brittan - committed suicide (took poison)
    - October 1986. Arshad Sharid - committed suicide (put his neck in the loop, tied the rope to a tree, sat in his car and make a quick jerk forward)
    - October 1986. Vimal Dasibal - committed suicide jumping off the Bristol bridge.
    - January 1987. Autar Sing-Gida - was missing, declared dead.
    - February 1987. Peter Pippell - committed suicide.
    - March 1987. David Sands - committed suicide (directed his car at a high speed at a cafe building)
    - April 1987. Mark Visner - committed suicide (hanged himself).
    - April 10, 1987. Stuart Gooding - killed in Cyprus.
    - April 10, 1987. David Greenhalg - fell (jumped?) off a bridge.
    - April 1987. Shanny Warren - committed suicide (drowned himself).
    - May 1987. Michael Baker - killed in a car crash.
    - May 1988. Trevor Night - committed suicide.
    - August 1988. Alister Bekkem - committed suicide by an electric shock.
    - August 1988. Peter Ferry - committed suicide by an electric shock.
    - Date uncertain. Victor Mor - committed suicide.
    The newspaper "Izvestiya" 267 on November 9, 1991 published some important details about the Tchernobyl calamity: "There are witnesses that saw a strange luminescence in the sky over the electric power station a few minutes before it caught fire, - Vladimir Savran reports. - I came there Next page morning and could see nothing of the sort". However, to his great surprise, on developing the snaps made then, he saw an unidentified oval object hovering over the station, just the same as had been snapped multitudes of times in many different countries. "I can only explain it like this: - says the correspondent - the flying object was not visible to human eyes for some reason, being at the same time perceptible for a photographic film". Similar things had been known before, and received a thorough scientific explanation in the mentioned article by V.I. Veinik. Meanwhile, the "Izvestiya" journalist N. Burbyga goes on: "The photos have been thoroughly examined by Kiev most skilled criminologists who stated that neither the film flaw, nor any kind of falsification could be seriously discussed. What then all that was? If the newcomers, why should they have appeared over the ruined atomic station? Or, maybe, they had arranged the whole thing? Only one fact is sure: the accident had taken place because of the spontaneous (!) switching on of a high-frequency switch. Experts in such kind of equipment say this is nearly fantastic". At the same time experts in the UFO problem can undoubtedly say that for the creatures of parallel world such task is just a child's play, pointing at a whole number of cases. Thus, in 1966 one fifth of the USA territory was suddenly de-energized by a fiery-red sphere that "switched on" the emergency electricity shut-down systems.
    Another such case was registered in Brasilia: "Late on the August 17, 1959, the devices in Maines Geires registered supply-pressure disturbances. Electricity distribution systems were automatically switched-off as an oval UFO was moving slowly along the line at a comparatively low height. In Uberlandia, one of the system's main stations, mechanics were warned in advance. When the switches started to open loops of the system, they were ready to return them at once in the initial position. But all was in vain: the UFO's presence prevented the station from work and the lines could be restored no sooner than the UFO disappeared in the black sky" (A.B. Petukhov. "UFO Questionnaire". Moscow, 1991, p.25). As I see it, the evil will of the creatures of parallel world is very much likely to prove the true cause of the Tchernobyl disaster.
    The photo-correspondent V. Savran's conjecture on the possibility of the invisible for a human eye objects to be fixed on a photographic film coincides with the latest UFO experts' conclusions. Their tendency to be manifested in the invisible for the human eye part of the electromagnetic spectrum, perceptible for a photo film, is described by V.I. Zabelyshensky:
    "They exist in the invisible part of this material world and are characterised by both static and dynamic (plasmoid) forms. These imperceptible for us objects produce electromagnetic, light and electric abnormalities. Registering the latter can give us an opportunity to work out an effective UFO detection method <>
    Abnormal, unaccountable deviations in any kind of devices (alpha- and beta-particles meters, gamma-radiation sensors, photo- , electro- and magnito-meters, etc.) may prove an indication on the presence of an invisible UFO
(as well as a poltergeist, i.e. a CPW, in a flat. - Heg. N). In this case sector photographing or panoramic filming on an ultra-sensitive panchromatic film with orange or red filters is advisable, or on a film sensitive for infrared radiation <>. Apparatus investigations using this method help to detect other forms of life in the plasmoid state that slip out of the conventional views on matter. Such forms of life are capable of passing from one degree of density to another, from the invisible part of the spectrum to the full material palpability, visible for the naked eye. There have also been made numerous snaps from aeroplanes using this method. They detected invisible for an eye objects flying nearby - dark or emitting light in the infrared spectrum" (V.I. Zabelyshensky. "Keeping Track of UFO" Moscow, 1991, p. 14-15).
    In November 1992 the newspaper "Golos Truda" described some striking effects of a contact with humanoids reported by a citizen of the town of Alexandrov (the Vladimir region): "Here in our town one of the citizens experienced terrible consequences of such 'encounter'. Clever and inquisitive by nature, he had submitted to the temptation of the proud desire to know the unknown, insistently invoking a contact with a 'higher extraterrestrial mind'. It clicked! What followed can hardly be called anything but obsession. The poor fellow could not get rid of a definite sensation of a foreign will present in him day and night (without ceasing!) accompanied by unbearable physical impacts like vibrations, buzzing in the head of different tones, crawling of invisible insects all over the body and sometimes such burning inside that death would seem a welcome relief. Isn't it the infernal flames voluntarily invoked by a man?" ("Heavenly Signs"; "Golos Truda", Alexandrov, November 21, 1992).

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