One single aim is pursued: capture of minds

    It is noteworthy that the methods used by the creatures of parallel world for establishing contacts and the following subduing their medium's mind and will are rather mundane, though their abilities seem to allow more refined ways. Note also, that in most cases they cannot afford just to impose a permanent contact on people (as they would like to), but have to cheat and wriggle, or sometimes threaten a person to force him not to break off the relations. They often stoop to gross flattery or playing on mere curiosity, brute cowing down and blackmail or false promises of earthly blessings, etc. The mentioned Russian publication presents a following survey of their methods:
    "The analysis of numberless dialogues reported by those who are keeping in contact and hundreds of letters addressed to the Ufologic Centre consulting section shows that people are being indoctrinated rather professionally, that is, with quite certain purpose and methods. It also shows that the representatives of another Ratio are versed enough in human psychology, knowing well how to effect each of human energetic and emotional centres.
    What are the typical ways and methods the representatives of another Ratio use to make people do what they want? The most frequent are:

  1. Suggesting the idea that a human spiritual and energy entity has been substituted and the man has become a bio-robot, having nothing to do but obey.
  2. Lauding the medium's unusual mental, energy and physical abilities.
  3. Cowing down: when a man is obsessively threatened by violence or some grave illness in case he dares to drop the contact.
  4. "Healing", that is suggesting the idea that a man had been cured from a number of grave diseases (and indeed, for some time he feels better).
  5. Persecuting in dreams.
  6. Artificial enhancing sexual demands, etc.
Individual approaches are chosen for each proband, depending on his personal traits and especially on his negative features (a "know how" that has always been used by intelligence services all over the world). But whichever combination of ways is chosen, one thing is invariably observed: a proband should feel that his 'allies' are great and powerful.
    Very often he is given "responsible" errands that seem real to him being downright delirium: yet he receives a full impression of fulfilling his important commissions. Very few of the mediums known to us have proved able to analyse by themselves their true state in the course of the contact, or realise their being involved in a kind of a game"
(ibid., p. 10-11).
    But the most significant conclusion made by the Russian researchers was the spiritually correct comprehension of the final goal pursued by the creatures of parallel world. Such goal, they write, "regarding our civilisation, is its absolute subjugation to their development (as they see it) program - an absolute robotisation of mankind" (ibid., p.15). The latter means full submission of human mind and will to some other created mind and will, which makes a man its slave and tool. So, humanoids' main goal is the capture of minds, which they overtly proclaim in a number of cases. For instance V. Azhazha describes a certain N., a translator, who was going to bed one late evening in 1978 in her Moscow flat. "Suddenly her two little lap-gods started to whine skulking in a corner. In a few minutes there appeared in the rather high window an enormously tall figure. N. had no time to become frightened as she heard (yet not with her ears, but rather with the nape of her neck, as she puts it) a very definite phrase thrice repeated: 'I need your mind, I need your mind. I need your mind'. The voice was calm, masculine, though as if mechanical, 'somewhat robot-like'. Next page she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head and in both temples and fainted.
    Having not found her Next page day at the office, the worried colleagues went to her place after the working day. There was only the dogs' whining heard behind the door. They opened the door with the police and found N. lying on the floor unable to move. With the help of doctors she came to her senses and said: 'I have an impression that all my energy has been sucked away from me' It took her a rather long time to recover" (V. Azhazha.
"UFO: the psychophysical aspect". Moscow, 1991, p. 6 and 19).

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