Scientists abandon the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

    V.G. Azhazha wrote in 1991: "The course of the UFO investigations has made us give a critical view to the primitive extraterrestrial hypothesis concerning its origin, born of merely association with our earthly spacecraft launching. This really childish stage is being overcome now by many scientists" (V. Azhazha. "UFO: the psycho-physical aspect". Moscow, 1991, p. 4).
    V.I. Zabelyshensky, an engineer, the inventor of a whole number of special portable gears for ufologic measuring, writes in his booklet "Keeping Track of UFO" (Moscow, 1991):
    "All is unusual in the UFO phenomenon In most cases it is unseen and manifests itself rather as an energy than as a solid <> To notice an UFO on a locator screen is a rare luck. It is a child's task for such objects to change their size and shape in a most exotic manner There are, indeed, reports on quite definite personal encounters with living creatures, from hirsute dwarfs to human-like figures in fanciful space-suits or ordinary flying suits. But these are, most probably, no more than a manifestation of the same polymorphism.
    Sudden materialisation and dematerialization, temporal curvatures and spatial oddities like momentary transportation of a car or a man over great distances etc. - all this defies scientific explanation. However, to call all such episodes just fortuitous would have been too simple. More likely, the phenomenon
(i.e. a rational creature of parallel world. - Heg. N) uses its innate ability of polymorphism with the special purpose of putting us on a wrong trail, diverting our attention from something much more important.
    It may well turn that one of such important points, they are making their best to disguise and conceal, is the phenomenon's earthly nature
. Indeed, all our attempts to explain UFO multifarious forms with the help of the most fascinating idea of other galaxies newcomers, have step by step led us to a clear understanding of such fantasies failure. Such ideas should long have been declared outdated <> The naively attractive and comparatively simple "newcomers" hypothesis is now giving way to another, more complicated explanation asserting that there is a kind of an "adjacent" world existing around. It is a concentration of certain energies: such sort of energies that form matter capable of rational self-express, comprehensible for human consciousness" (p. 3-4).

    A similar evolution took place in the views on the UFO and all paranormal phenomena origin of the Byelorussian academician, the Nobel Prize (1968) laureate Albert (Victor) Veinik, who wrote:
    "First I was quite ready to interpret many technological facts as a clear indication on the UFO extraterrestrial nature, a sure proof of a more developed civilisation representatives presence, etc. I could not imagine anything else. However the paranormal phenomena scrupulous analysis in historical perspective gradually disillusioned me. Too many week points. All this enchanting spectacle of the most complicated details having nothing to do with the core of event. All these flying chariots, horses, serpents, columns and crosses. All this show with luminescent or dark human-like figures suddenly appearing and vanishing, very often grotesque, as for example a huge giant with no head, etc. Snaps made in the daytime may bear no images, the night ones may contain splashes of light, empty spheres, fiery circles. The same may be sometimes found on a film that had not been taken out of a rucksack or unpacked. In a similar way, tape recorders failed to record any sound heard from an UFO, but an unpacked tapes unexpectedly proved to reproduce exactly the same sounds. The so-called UFO fragments are overtly absurd. Who would believe a spaceship made entirely of pure magnesium (as in the Ubatuba case)? The constant mutability of the fragments' chemical composition, with one elements vanishing and other appearing, is still more absurd. The far-fetched composition of the Vashksk's discovery is all the more doubtful. The whole "plates" kept in the United States are all enigmas, or more exactly, synthetic mystification. The same is true of the UFO 'pilots' who are no more than synthetic biorobots. All this nonsense assumes countless forms. It captivates an investigator enticing him into countless experiments in the vain hope to solve at last this epoch-making enigma, this elusive mystery of a cosmic scale. However, such enthusiasm is never crowed with any other result but a researcher's utmost loss in the world of illusion, delirium, and finally madness. Here is an evidence of the American journalist John A. Keel, who had been observing the problem since the year of 1945: 'I'm assailed with letters crying for help, but all I can do is witnessing the distressing state of those who had entered a permanent UFO contact as they are going mad or committing suicides'
    All my experiments and measurements with no exception speak for the fact of the discussed objects' pronounced negative chronal radiation. I measured the fragments of the UFO that had blown up in 1981 in the Kola peninsula; the fragments and the tracks of the one that had imitated a blast in 1986 over the town of Dalnegorsk (a "grate", iron and lead balls, fragments of flint and a burnt tree stump); several UFO landing places and ground samples from such places near the towns of Kattakurgan, and Strogino and Pushkino in Moscow vicinities. All these and many other subjects, as well as the ones taken from the places of poltergeist, produce a strong negative chronal radiation with one type of wave length and a similar harmful influence upon men
    UFO chronal field can stop internal combustion engines, interfere with the work of electronic instruments, influence the course of time in the charged objects, that is fixed by mechanic, electronic or radio-isotopic watches. Besides, it effects greatly photon frequency and speed, as a result of which, for example, visible ordinary light is transferred into the invisible infrared part of the spectrum (the real cause of the so-called "switching-off" of lanterns and headlights); the usually invisible gamma-rays coming from an UFO are, on the contrary, made visible without losing their penetrating power that depends on the photon energy, that is why the light of an UFO (as well as of a ball lightning) is not to be reflected, easily penetrating a mirror as any other object (an UFO is often shining with a bright light leaving the surrounding in full darkness). In the UFO heterogeneous chronal field visible rays curve or break in the space; reaching an eye under a variable visual angle, they produce an impression of an UFO changing its shape and size; a locator-sent ray, being thus curved and deformed, leaves no marks on its screen being not received as having already another frequency, etc. All this speaks for the fact of facing another world existing beyond our time and space; I call this superfine non-temporal and non-spatial world a femot-world. Its objects (femot-objects) are non-spatial, that is deprived of real mass or volume.
    One general conclusion is to be made here: the discussed manifold and extremely complicated phenomenon is in all its manifestations due to one and the same cause: it is produced by the objects of superfine world (femot-objects) having undoubtedly earthly, and not at all extraterrestrial, origin
(bold type in the origin). Having studied this complex problem for long and in earnest, I couldn't help realising the sad fact that the idea of the UFO extraterrestrial origin is no more than a bait or a disguise. Such bait is very mush likely to be swallowed up by those who are ready to pin their somewhat delirious hopes in rescuing the much-suffering mankind on the Higher cosmic mind, etc.
    We should not overlook the fact that the mentioned femot-objects have a pronounced propensity to evil, that is they are "minus"-femot-object. This is proved by their negative chronal radiation and countless harmful effects on human mental and physical health, down to suicides or violent death in different mysterious circumstances. Such death is often due to high dozes of gamma-radiation, as was, for instance, the case with the sadly known plane that was going from Leningrad to Tbilissi on September 7, 1984. Its captain V.V. Gotsiridze died and the second pilot Yu. Kabachnikov was seriously injured in the head and heart. The UFO gamma-radiation was combined with a strong chronal field, which confused the doctors - granting at the same time the amazed passengers a rare opportunity to watch in vivo each-other's skeletons, for chronal radiation had transferred the invisible gamma-rays into the visible spectrum. Many of the irradiated soon got leukaemia. There are also some reports on abduction of people. A frequent natural reaction on seeing a UFO in men is panic or stupor; animals feel its approach in advance and start rushing about, bleating and trembling, dogs put their tails between the legs, whine and hide themselves.
    It is in this very propensity to evil, in this malicious gravitation towards the negative pole, that we should see a clue to the main goal and self-determination essential for femot-objects. They try to win a man by every possible way. It is not without their help that people receive paranormal abilities manifest in most various spheres: in clairvoyance and fortune-telling through cards, sorcery and other means; in spiritualism, in such extravagances as walking along living coals, in mesmerism, occult teachings, alleged summoning the dead, influencing the weather, astrology, etc.; in different parapsychological (or more exactly, psycho-physiological) effects, including telekinesis, para-healing and the like; in devotion to all kinds of yoga, Oriental philosophy, idolatry, heathen rites, superstitions of all sorts, arcane knowledge, UFO, witchcraft, white, red or black magic, etc. All this is coming from the "minus"-world, personifying the evil as such.
    A detailed study of the question shows clearly that those who devoted themselves to the mentioned occupations, become closely connected with the superfine "minus"-world, thus cutting themselves voluntarily off the much more powerful "plus"-world possessing a strong positive chronal field and personifying the good. Receiving services from "minus"-femot-objects, a man becomes their voluntary prey - with all the ensuing lamentable consequences. For when he makes such use of his universal free choice between the good and the evil, he prefers the second (whether he wants it or not), rejecting by this very choice the grace and help of the positive femot-objects.
    It is just too naive to think that the evil as such, being constantly present throughout the entire human history and trying to win over each person that have ever come into the world, belongs to some humane newcomers that are making their appearance with the noble aim of our salvation
    I'd like to end this article citing the same John A. Keel: 'Jokes with UFO seem to be no less dangerous than those with the black magic Even mere curiosity here might well turn a destructive obsession'. I saw many such enthusiasts with madly roving eyes eager to disclose at last the poignant UFO secret"
(Magazine "Svet", 1991, 7, p. 16-18).

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