The 'invasion' exploration is led by military men.

    Information on UFO is being officially gathered since the time of the Second World war, when encounters of the kind became rather frequent among military pilots, though separate cases had been registered long before that. In Sweden, for instance, fist incidents were reported in 1933, when the Fourth Air corps launched an investigation of an unidentified object appearance over a secret military zone, which was given publicity by general-colonel Eric Rutersword on April 30, 1934. By the year of 1946 there were several thousands reports on UFO encounters registered only in Sweden. And Commander-in-Chief of the British Air Forces marshal lord Dauding wrote in 1940: "Over ten thousand cases have been reported by UFO eye-witnesses, most of them defying any 'scientific explanation'. They were fixed on radar screens..., their speed exceeding 9000 miles per hour... All these objects are sure to exist, in spite of the fact that no state on the earth could have produced them. Hence, I can't think of anything else than agree with the version of their extraterrestrial origin". Reliability of the abundant data on UFO observations by British military men was borne out by the British war minister (1971-1973) admiral lord Hill-Norton in his foreword to Timothy Gull's famous book 'Top Secret: the World-Wide UFO Mystery'. He writes: "I think there is enough proof for the fact that there exist in the atmosphere some objects that are neither man-created, nor any physical force or effect known to our science They were witnessed by many such people whose words are certainly beyond any doubt. Many of them had been specially trained for keeping a most sober look-out: officers, civil and military pilots" T. Gull continues by adducing the data on about fifteen hundred officially registered UFO encounters reported to the Air-Technical Intelligence Centre (ATIS) since 1947 to 1952.
    Above fifty cases were registered in 1947 in Hungary. The following years were rich in the reports of the kind throughout the whole Europe, America and North Africa. State research in this field was undertaken, guided by the Air Forces, in the USA, where more than twelve thousand cases reported from 1951 to 1969 compiled the so-called "Blue Book". Here is one of its entries:
    "According to unofficial reports American astronauts Nil Armstrong and Edwin Alldrine [sp?], the pilots of 'Apollo-11' were the first to watch an UFO immediately on their epoch-making landing on the Moon on July 21, 1969.
    This was their first message sent to the earth:
    'These "Babies" are really enormous, sir! Unimaginably enormous! Oh, dear! There are other spaceships here, I report to you. They are standing in a straight line at the opposite side of the crater. They are here on the Moon and are watching us'.
    Edwin Alldrine photographed the UFOs from inside the spacecraft and continued it when Armstrong and he ventured to walk out. Armstrong endorsed the fact, refusing to go into details, excusing himself by secrecy.
    The astronaut Scott Carpenter insisted that 'each time he happened to be in the outer space, he was constantly watched by UFOs'". (Internet, "UFO Encyclopaedia")

    Italian scientists arrived at a conclusion of a parallel superfine world existence with rational forms of life in it by the late 1970s (several years before V. Azhazha expressed the same views). L. Baccone provided scientific proofs to that in the book "UFO - a Latent Reality". In 1999 V. Psalomschikov, candidate of mathematics, would write about it: "About twenty years ago the Italian researcher Luciano Baccone started his observations in the Arenciano district on a hill that provided a good view on the environs (the Genoa gulf [bay?] district. - Heg. N). Most sensitive electromagnetic, thermal and other receivers complemented with automatic photographic and motion-picture apparatus were constantly fixing what was taking place in the air. Several years of such observation brought enough material for stating without hesitation that the surrounding atmosphere contains some "ethereal" forms of life, not seen to the human eye. The photographic films showed a quantity of the most intricate creatures - enormous amoebas, winged entities of most curious shapes; sometimes - some luminescent human-like figures. The researchers called all those beings "critters" Baccone expressed the idea that these "ethereal critters" are endowed with rather a high intellect and try to interfere in people's lives more and more often nowadays" (UFO Journal, 46, November 15, 1999, p. 12).
    A thorough examination of the UFO phenomenon, including the numerous contacts with various "critters" analysis, made not L. Baccone alone, but also a whole group of outstanding scientists (as the astronomer Dr. G. A. Hayneck, the astrophysicist Dr. J. Vallet, Dr. Bred Stager, Trever G. Constable, F. Geogiu, John Keel, to name only a few) abandon the idea of their extraterrestrial origin. This is professor Bred Stager's conclusion drawn from the "Blue Book" scrupulous examination: "All this is surely a multivariate para-psychological phenomenon, in a great measure from of old intrinsic to this planet".

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