Disputes on the "field forms" of life

    Countless reports on unidentified flying objects (UFO) and other paranormal phenomena, as well as on the continually increasing number of appalling contacts with rational beings of non-human nature have long made investigators doubt their objects' space origin, despite the striking divergence of their physical characteristics from conventional views on matter.
    One of the leading figures in paranormal phenomena investigations in the USSR, Vladimir G. Azhazha, Doctor of Philosophy, candidate of technical science, member of the USSR Scientific-Engineering Societies Association Ufologic Commission since 1975, was in charge of the scientific topic "The Hydrospheric Aspect of the UFO Problem". In 1990 he headed the first state institution for UFO research at the USSR Academy of Science, known then as All-State Interindustry Ufologic Scientific Centre. After many years of scrupulous analysis of immense and multiform data the scientist's view on UFO origin changed radically.
    Having initially belonged to the prevailing at the time group of scientists ( ) upholding the hypothesis of UFO extraterrestrial origin, in 1990 he stated: "During the period of ten recent years the Earth has witnessed (at my calculation) several scores of millions UFO landings. This Commission alone receives about ten-fifteen reports daily from every corner of the country. On October 5, 1989 the city of Kirov registered nearly a hundred occurrences of the kind, which is comparable to their annual number throughout the Perm region. To explore a planet, to probe it on such an intense scale would have been impossible if the 'researchers' were not inhabiting it themselves. They would have had neither sufficient resources nor enough spaceships. The frequency of contacts with humanoids points at their residing amidst us, on the same planet" ('Vecherniaya Moskva', March 24, 1990, p. 4). The scientist had actually come to the conclusion that there exists a parallel hyperfine world inhabited by rational beings of different - as compared to the human - nature.
    The informational avalanche compelled investigators to frame hypotheses about the "field forms of life" reminiscent of the a"qsrioj noaj of the Greek antiquity. According to these, the "plates" are no more than temporal protective devices constructed by this ethereal form of reason "in order to provide its fragments' movement at a high speed through a dense atmosphere. As soon as the 'plate' is no longer needed it melts away before the spectators' very eyes" (Ibid.). The "fragments of ethereal reason" are likely to be rational beings of the parallel world. "Their existence, - asserts V.G.Azhazha, - has been testified by photographing in the invisible part of the electromagnetic oscillations. Our human visual range is quite narrow. It resembles roving through the wood at night with a torch - such is our visual angle, such is our self-confident life. We simply do not notice things around us... Scores of thousands such snaps have been made during recent three or four years. An entire world has been discovered, a colossal, ghostly, invisible world manifesting itself in a photographic film as some spheres or human-like figures merging with them, in short - something quite different from our protein matter. Such 'spectres' are capable of filling with thick consistence and growing into the stature of a Stone Guest. When such phantom enters the visible spectrum we perceive it as a humanoid. It may be from 20 centimetre to 15 meter height (there are several such cases registered), one- , two- or three-eyed (as in the Voronezh case)... It should be mentioned, however, that all this variety of shapes, as well as the 'plates' themselves which may easily take up cylindrical, spherical or any other form, is invariably made of one and the same material. This polymorphism is what strikes you most when watching UFOs. They alter their shape in the most unexpected ways; it is obvious that they can easily modify their physical properties, and that how they do it still remains beyond our knowledge" (ibid.).
    The reader of these lines is very much likely to be carried away to the Fairyland of Scandinavian goblins and elves mysteriously emerging out of the obscurity of night, of Arabian genii suddenly materialising from an aerial cloud after an age-long imprisonment in Solomon-sealed vessels, and, of course, of the Ancient-Greek single-eyed Cyclops. Is the association merely fortuitous - or, maybe, all these mythological and fairytale personages have really sprung up from one single root of a certain experience, multiform in appearance but similar in its essence for all peoples and in all times, and kindred as well to the subject in question?
    We shall discover it in the course of discussion. And now let us pay some attention to where the modern opinions are being shaped out.

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