Igumen N.
Cosmic mentors, humanoids,
energy allies, UFOs - myth or reality?



  • Disputes on the "field forms" of life
  • The 'invasion' exploration is led by military men.
  • Scientists abandon the extraterrestrial hypothesis.
  • Scientists abandon the extraterrestrial hypothesis (part II).
  • One single aim is pursued: capture of minds
  • The fatal consequences of the "encounters"
  • Victims to curiosity
  • The "fiery" gift.
  • Christian prayer is not to the 'newcomers' liking.
  • Experts' conclusions
  • Nonsense parade
  • Massed misinformation
  • Contacts are followed by mental disorders
  • How are new false religions born?
  • Humanoids' intentions are far from humane.
  • Is there any "secret" knowledge in Christ's teaching?
  • It is too short a way from seeking the "secrets of healing" - to denying Christ.
  • Free cheese in the Initiation mouse-trap.
  • Forms of humanoids' self-express.
  • Methods used by CPW
  • Forms of CPW self-express


    The literary form of CPW self-express

  • Infernal Poetry
  • A nine-days-old "infant prodigy"
  • "Allies from the realm of shadows"
  • Subliminal dictation
  • A psychic's gift.
  • When the 'author' resembles a computer
  • "Creative Work" without either knowledge or ability?
  • "Someone dawns upon you"
  • Sergey Esenin and doctor Faustus. Similarity of fates?
  • "I will surely seduce" (f. Judges 4,9)
  • Freedom in a Soviet way.

    The musical form of CPW self-express

  • "Merely a recorder...". Motor automatism.
  • Monk Mercuriy's evidence.
  • "He murders people in his songs"
  • Propagation of deadly sins
  • Psycho-programming methods
  • A Musical Revenge.
  • The Pan-like composers.

    The pictorial form of CPW self-express

  • Whom do the "latent abilities" belong to?
  • Special love for falsifications
  • 'Sacred knowledge' in symbols and colours
  • Can a painting be aged?
  • The witch's circles.
  • The occult paths to the contacts
  • Who awakens the "God's gift"?
  • Creative activity stimulation in hypnosis.
  • A slap in the face for... prayer.

    The illusionist form of CPW self-express.

  • "The great delusion" is not the sleight of hand.
  • Telepathic mechanisms.
  • Whose power is acting?
  • Fakir's hatred
  • Dr Faust's jokes
  • When the "omnipotent allies" turn helpless
  • What does "the implantation of feelings" mean?
  • The true makers of the false miracles
  • Playing the role of a wireless set
  • The four aspects of the Geller phenomenon


  • How do "they" do it?
  • "Nothing will prevent me from serving their aims..."


  • Mediums for an hour
  • Schizophrenia by TV
  • Where do these "powers" come from?

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